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Visual Arts

"Everything in life is art"

The visual arts provide knowledge about God’s world and ways of experiencing it that are unique and different from that gained through spoken or written word. Art is a universal language through which we can express our common aspirations, and a channel to understand and appreciate the cultural and religious heritage of others, as well as our own.

Dock art classes are 'a godsend'

The only way I am satisfied living my life is through art. Whether it is a pencil to paper or paint to canvas, through a camera lens, performing on stage or singing in the shower, I never get tired of it. I long to capture the inner spark of life which radiates through the cracks of the soul and is reflected in the smiles of the subjects of my portraits. My knees grow weak at the sight of the elegant ballerinas that master painter Degas perfectly embodied, and I can even shed a tear at the sound of pain and heartache in Janis Joplin's voice as she belted out Piece of My Heart. Everything in life is art; how you dress, the way you love someone, how you speak, the way you drink your tea, your penmanship, even your grocery list. The art classes offered here at Dock are a godsend.

- Dock graduate

a sampling of Dock's art classes

For a small school, Dock not only offers a wide range of art classes, but a breathtakingly beautiful campus to serve as backdrop, subject and inspiration for your art.

Graphic Design
PhotographyComputer AnimationPainting
Freehand DrawingWatercolorVideo Production
Photography II
CeramicsIndependent StudioPortfolio Preparation
SculptureArt HistoryFilm Studies

college credit in drawing

In conjunction with Eastern Mennonite University, Dock offers a dual enrollment opportunity for college credit in Drawing. To meet the requirement, students must take Drawing 116 and Independent Studio 230 (which continues the Drawing class). The courses do not need to be taken consecutively. More information and an application are available from the Dock Art Department.