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Fall Musical 2019


Dock's 2019 Fall Musical was Newsies—the Disney musical based on the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899. Read all about it, and see photos and video of the production below.


The Cast

Jack Kelly – Leader of the newsies — MIGUEL SANTIAGO

Katherine Plumber – ambitious young reporter — GRETA SCHRAG

Crutchie – newsie with a bum leg — DEBI BOERNER

Davey – new, bookish newsie — RUTH MICHEL

Les – Davey’s fearless younger brother — AARON SENSENIG

Newsies — Race, Albert, Specs, Henry, Finch, Romeo, Elmer, Mush, Buttons





















Spot Conlon – leader of the Brooklyn newsies — CASSIDY WILLIAMS

Darcy – upper-class son of a publisher — TREVOR GODSHALL

Bill – son of William Randolph Hearst — JAKE DERSTINE

Wiesel – runs the World’s distribution window — EMMAROSE THOMPSON

Morris Delancey – heavy at the World’s distribution window

Oscar Delancey – Morris’s equally tough brother


Joseph Pulitzer – no-nonsense publisher of the World

Seitz – Pulitzer’s editor

Bunsen - Pulitzer’s bookkeeper — TREVOR GODSHALL

Hannah - Pulitzer’s secretary

Nunzio - Pulitzer’s barber


Snyder – warden of The Refuge

Medda Larkin – vaudeville star and theater owner — CARLIE COCCO

Bowery Beauties – showgirls at Medda’s theater — SUMMER HONDROS, ELLE LOUX



Woman – newspaper customer

Mr. Jacobi – owner of Jacobi’s deli — EMMAROSE THOMPSON



Governor Teddy Roosevelt

The Crew

Eli Alderfer

Cara DiNapoli

Maggie Dowell

Alexis Lewis

Steven Liu

Micah Mast

Rachel McMichael

Emily Mellinger

Dalton Moore

Erin O’Neil

June Park

Jade Prosock

Andrew Su

Aqillah Upshur-Nixon

Marilin Yanes

Newsies, Act 1

Newsies, Act 2

Cappies Review

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This weekend, a ragtag group of ragamuffins from Dock Mennonite Academy took on the kingmakers of New York!

If you haven't already guessed, Dock Mennonite delivered their rendition of the classic characters and songs from "Newsies," a 2012 musical based on the movie of the same name. Underneath the show's catchy songs and witty banter runs a dark undercurrent of child exploitation as it chronicles the Newsboys Strike of 1899. Led by Jack Kelly, an orphaned dreamer turned revolutionary with an artistic streak, the Manhattan Newsies' fight to improve the working conditions of all the newsboys in New York.

Early on in the show, Crutchie remarks to Jack "I don't need folks, I got friends." This remark perfectly captures what made Dock Mennonite's production so entertaining. The newsies' energy and chemistry were palpable, forcing the audience to become invested in their cause.

Miguel Santiago starred as the tough yet secretly vulnerable Jack, tackling the role's demanding vocal, dance, and dialect requirements with ease. His vocal prowess was especially apparent in the recurring song "Santa Fe." Greta Schrag's performance as the resourceful Katherine was also impressive. "Watch What Happens" is one of the most difficult songs for any actress to sing, and Schrag powered through it without stumbling over any of its fast-paced lyrics.

Ruth Michel was a standout among the supporting cast, perfectly portraying the character of the cerebral Davey. Her vocals were also consistently impressive despite the songs being below her normal register. Debi Boerner tugged at the audience's heartstrings as the optimistic Crutchie, and stole the show with her heartfelt rendition of "Letter from the Refuge." Although the cast's vocals and characterizations sometimes faltered during big musical numbers, this is more than forgivable given the show's difficult and unique style of dance.

The technical star of the show was the student-choreographed "Once and For All," which created an intricate network of newspaper tossing. The lighting was simple but effective, drawing attention to scene changes and solos.

With infectious optimism, ambitious choreography, and enthusiastic vocals, Dock Mennonite Academy's production of "Newsies" paid tribute to the bravery of the real newsboys that the show is based on, reminding the audience that if you keep your "eyes on the stars and feet on the ground," there's nothing you can't accomplish.

Patrick McCann, Harriton High School

Jack Kelly is a rebel newsboy who dreams of a life as an artist away from the big city. After publishing giant Joseph Pulitzer raises newspaper prices at the newsboys’ expense, Kelly and his fellow newsies take action. With help from the female reporter Katherine Plumber, all of New York City soon recognizes the power of “the little man.”

Cappies Review

The students of Dock Mennonite took on an iconic and dynamic show, and "The World Will Know" that they did a wonderful job in their rendition of Newsies.

\Written by Harvey Fierstein and composed by Alan Menken, Newsies is based on the historical Newsboys' Strike of 1899. New York newsboys, frustrated by the increased price of the "papes" they sell, go on strike against selling the newspapers at all. The show speaks to inspire young people today who identify with those fighting against injustice.

The cast and crew performed outstandingly. The ensemble's energy upheld brought numbers to life, and made the performance so energetic that the audience wanted to sing-a-long. Set changes were made in real time on stage by actors and stage crew together, smoothly and almost seamlessly transporting the audience between places like Newsies' Square, Medda Larkin's Burlesque house, and Joseph Pulitzer's office.

Miguel Santiago gave an admirable portrayal of Jack Kelly, the leader of the strike. Santiago's acting was good, and his dancing was incredible. Greta Schrag was very true to her character, Katherine. The aspiring reporter had a talented voice, showcased in "Watch What Happens." Schrag was witty and showed off Katherine's best.

The supporting cast of "Newsies" was great in their energy, vocals, and acting. Crutchie (Debi Boerner) was exceptional in her role as Jack's best friend. Performing in her non-native language, Boerner showed dedication to the role was clear in every way, and it's clear that paid off! Miss Medda Larkin (Carlie Cocco) was sensational in her scenes, and truly wowed the crowd with her lovely solo, "That's Rich." The surrounding ensemble was wonderfully active and enthusiastic, and all of them mastered New York accents. "The World Will Know" stood out from the rest, alive with energy and spirit, there was no doubt that the Newsies of Dock Mennonite were full of fight.

The technical aspects of the show overall were well done and framed the story effectively. The many lighting cues were well organized. The set was impressive and dynamic, and while the entire set was comprised of moving parts, cues were mostly on time. Spotlights were used well, though sometimes shaky while on actors, but served their function nevertheless. Microphones were very well managed, not once providing feedback, and only the tiniest challenges in terms of timing.

The cast and crew "seized" the opportunity to provide an accurate and impressive look into a historical moment with spunk and talent, and "once and for all" left the audience cheering for the students of Dock Mennonite Academy.

Alejandro Lopez, Friends Central School


Scenes and Musical Numbers


Act One


Rooftop, Dawn

Santa Fe (Prologue)                            Jack, Crutchie

Newsboys’ Lodging House & Newsie Square

Carrying the Banner                            Jack, Newsies, Nuns

Carrying the Banner (Tag)                  Newsies

Pulitzer’s Office, Afternoon

The Bottom Line                                  Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen, Hannah

Carrying the Banner (Reprise)            Newsies

A Street Corner


Medda’s Theater       

That’s Rich                                          Medda

I Never Planned on You/

Don’t Come a-Knocking                      Jack, Bowery Beauties

To the Distribution Window

 Newsie Square, Next Morning

The World Will Know                          Jack, Davey, Les, Crutchie, Newsies

Jacobi’s Deli & Street, Afternoon

The World Will Know (Reprise)           Jack, Davey, Les, Newsies

Watch What Happens                        Katherine

Katherine’s Office

Watch What Happens (cont’d)           Katherine

Newsie Square, Next Morning

Seize the Day                                      Davey, Jack, Les, Newsies

The Fight


Santa Fe                                              Jack


Act Two

Jacobi’s Deli, Next Morning

King of New York                                Davey, Katherine, Les, Newsies

The Refuge

Letter from the Refuge                       Crutchie

Medda’s Theater

Jack’s Painting

What What Happens (Reprise)           Davey, Jack, Katherine, Les

Back to Pulitzer’s Office

Pulitzer’s Office and Cellar, Afternoon

The Bottom Line (Reprise)                  Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen

Brooklyn’s Here                                   Spot, Newsies

Brooklyn Bridge and Medda’s Theater

Brooklyn’s Here (cont’d)

Rooftop, Night

To the Rooftop

Something to Believe In                      Katherine, Jack

Pulitzer’s Cellar

Seize the Day (Reprise)                       Newsies

Once and For All                                 Jack, Davey, Katherine, Newsies

Pulitzer’s Office, Next Morning

Seize the Day (Reprise 2)                    Newsies

Newsie Square

Finale Ultimo (Part 1)                         Company

Finale Ultimo (Part 2)                         Company

Cappies Review

All it takes for David to defeat Goliath is determination and the grit to fight injustice. Newsies at Dock Mennonite Academy was an empowering reminder that no changes can occur if you don't stand up.

Based on the 1899 Newsboys Strike, Newsies, adapted from the movie of the same name, is a highly acclaimed musical that opened on Broadway in 2012. It follows Jack Kelly and his fellow newsboys, or Newsies. After the newspaper companies raise their prices, the Newsies, led by Jack, strike against the owners, specifically Pulitzer. The power struggle and absence of child welfare laws created horrible working conditions for the Newsies, so they fought for their rights.

Newsies is notorious for its complicated choreography and dance style, yet the cast did a great job rising to the challenge. The full cast numbers, such as "The World Will Know" and "Once and For All" were great successes vocally and visually. The Manhattan Newsies retained high energy throughout the show, even though it is physically and vocally demanding.

Leading the Newsies, Miguel Santiago as Jack Kelly had consistent energy and a New York accent. The role is extremely difficult to sing, yet Santiago hit all of the notes with ease. Similarly, his dancing abilities were professional and truly enhanced to his performance. His on stage relationship with Greta Schrag (Katherine) was believable and admirable.

Some of the outstanding performances include Tim Brown (Race) and Ruth Michel (Davey). Both had captivating performances, especially when Brown danced and Michel sang. Brown was frequently noticeable compared to the rest of the Newsies, and Michel provided an impressive contrast to Santiago and the rest of the Newsies.

One of the most noticeable technical aspects of the show was Miguel Santiago, Kate Landis, David Michel, and Carlie Cocco's choreography for "Once and For All." They took huge risks choreographing the number, and it paid off. The number was visually interesting, especially when the actors threw the newspapers. Also, the lighting, designed by Micah Mast, was creatively used to complement the performance.

To quote the director of Newsies at Dock Mennonite Academy, Karen Johnston, "Tonight's 'David and Goliath' story reminds us that despite our fears, some injustices must be challenged."

Aiden Kaliner, Harriton High School

Extra Extra!

The Broadway show was based

on a 1992 movie starring

(a very young) Christian Bale,

Bill Pullman and Robert Duvall.

Cappies Review

Through impressive singing, dancing, stage movements, acting, and lighting, Dock Mennonite Academy's cast and crew "Seized the Day" in their immensely successful production of Newsies.

Adapted into a musical in 2011, Newsies chronicles the historically-accurate Newsboy strike that occurred in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century. Under the leadership of the protagonist, Jack, The New York City Newsies go on strike against Joseph Pulitzer and his unjust company policies that make it incredibly difficult for salesmen to profit. Through a beautiful story of love, perseverance, and companionship, the show is an inspirational tale that explores the power of hope and encourages audiences that David can, in fact, defeat Goliath.

Ending its Broadway run in 2014, Newsies is a vastly popular production featuring challenging songs, demanding dances, and a powerful and moving message. It is certainly a hefty challenge, one that Dock Mennonite Academy rose to admirably through impressive, high-energy performances on and off stage.

In his flawless rendition of Jack, Miguel Santiago showed that he is a true triple threat. Throughout the entire production, Santiago gave a genuine and passionate performance and maintained high-energy. His hopeful demeanor kept audience members cheering for the Newsies and contributed to the show's inspirational theme. Performing at his side was the phenomenal Greta Schrag as Katherine. Schrag's acting was believable and charming, and she brought new light to a well-known and loved character. She radiated elegance and confidence. Together, the duo flawlessly led the production and railroad strike and conveyed an extremely believable romance.

The New York City Newsies transported the audience to 1899 and brought the show to life through energetic singing, dancing, and acting. With a specifically stunning performance by David Michel as Romeo, the Newsies gave convincingly passionate performances. Although the ensemble was often difficult to hear over the orchestra, the harmonies were consistently stunning, and all of the featured singers sounded exceptional. A standout vocal performance by Ruth Michel as Davey was especially admirable. She rose to the challenge of several musically challenging feats, and through natural acting, she constantly attracted the audience's attention.

The off-stage performances were just as impressive as the show's performative aspects. Set transitions were flawless under the leadership of stage manager Dalton Moore. The backstage crew's attire matched that of the Newsies, so audiences felt fully submersed in the plot throughout the entire production. Despite the occasionally shaky spotlight, lighting, by Micah Mast, was colorful, stunning, and well-timed.

A hopeful tale of young people rising up against a materialistic, corrupt businessman, Newsies is especially powerful in the present era. Through stunning on and off-stage performances, Dock Mennonite Academy brought this inspirational tale to life.

Meghan McCloskey, Unionville High School