A way to connect with God

"We don’t just sing songs because they sound nice, but because they resonate with something deeper within us all.”

Touring Choir 2018

The Road Home

The 2018 Dock Mennonite Academy Touring Choir


A way to connect and worship

“Music has always been a way for me to connect and worship God, but I gained a new perspective and deeper appreciation in Touring Choir that I will always be grateful for.”

2018 Touring Choir Members

Evan Alderfer

Ian Anderson

Livia Anderson

Jackson Bell

Bennett, Emily

Laura Bergey

Lindsey Bernd

Marques Brockington

Sydney Cardy

Eliza Dennis

Connor Derstine

Matthew Derstine

Nicole Ford

Natalie Frank

Mikayla Frederick

Samuel Gingerich

John (Liam) Gingrich

Benjamin Graham

Aliyyah Haggard

Molly Hand

Hsin Jui (Charret) Ho

Christopher Keach

Alexa Kennel

Ryan Kratz

Austin Kurian

Yuantong (Rachel) Li

Isaac Longacre

Levi Longacre

Alex Martin

Mikayla Martin

Carsyn McCloskey

Ashley Mellinger

Abigail Morgan

Jeremy Moyer

Lauren Ness

Abigail Nice

Laura Olsen

Tyler Rotelle

Addison Schweizerhof

Kate Strickland

Samuel Thompson

Kyle Wells

Olivia Yates

Jeremy Yoder

Mason Zehr

I have seen God in the music we have sung

“I have seen God in and through the music we have sung, His spirit of joy and truth and healing flowing from our voices to the hearts of those who came to hear us. I saw Him in the churches and cathedrals we sang in—the high and wide spaces echoing back our voices, reminding us of how BIG God is.”

Photo by Madison Scialanca '16

2018 European Tour

Every other year, the Dock Touring Choir travels to Europe for a two-week tour. Students live with host families and perform a variety of concerts, many in churches, but also in public and impromptu, "pop-up" spaces. The tour offers choir members the opportunity to learn about travel, experience other cultures, and bond with one another. Students count it as one of the highlights of their high school experience.

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