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2021 Fall Concert

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Keep scrolling for videos from Gi's second visit to Dock on Wednesday, October 6!

About Gi Downing

Gi Downing is a native of Pennsylvania, and the proud mother of three children—Cierra, Donte and DJ. Gi also has one grandson, Christopher, who she affectionately calls "Tea Pot." All of her children are also gifted in music and the arts. Gi currently serves as Worship Pastor at a church in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

Gi comes from a lineage of musicians and singers, therefore her love for music and the arts are truly in the fiber of her DNA. She has studied under some of the finest vocal and arts instructors to enhance her knowledge in the technical aspects of music and vocal training. Gi also was a student at Settlement Music School, where she learned to play the piano as well.

Gi has over 20 years of professional experience, has assisted and developed worship teams across the United States, has provided vocal coaching to various artist on recording projects. In addition, she has toured abroad in Munich, Germany, and with the Zurich Orchestra. She has also provided instruction on vocal parts for choirs, arranged and written songs, and coached various artist on recording projects.

Gi Downing is the founder of One-on-One with Gi, a business and ministry that serves by way of vocal coaching and training for those who desire to expand their voice through song and speaking. Her client base is as young as the age of 5. Gi diligently works with each student according to their specific needs, including voice projection, strengthening of vocals, stage presence and empowering those who desire to speak publicly with boldness.

Gi’s ultimate goal is to help others discover their gifts and to bring out the hidden voices that are inside those she has an opportunity to serve.

Gi believes that music and the use of vocals are not just words and melody for performances—they are a way to communicate emotion and passion, bring healing to the soul, ignite joy and change the cadence of our environment.

About Marcus Barnett

Marcus Barnett is a musician with 30 years of experience as a pianist/organist, singer, composer, producer, arranger, and recording artist. Marcus currently serves as a pianist at Sharon Baptist Church, Yesha Fellowship Ministries, and Church of God 2nd Chronicles. A strong believer in teaching and giving back, Marcus enjoys scheduling lessons with talented up-and-coming pianists. Marcus is a sports fan and enjoys catching a good game. In October 2021 he was asked to organize and teach a choir to perform the national anthem during a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.

Gi Downing 2.0

Gi returned to Dock on October 6, along with pianist Marcus Barnett, to work the Dock Concert Choir on the numbers they will perform together during our Fall Concert on Friday, October 8 at 7:00 p.m. in Clemens Auditorium.