EC - Grade 8 Music




  • Taught to all third graders as part of the general music curriculum.
  • Provides an introduction to instrumental music, note reading, and practice routines.
  • Spring concert performance in the Elementary Spring Concert.

Band and/or Strings

  • Beginner - elementary students in their first year of instruction (Strings: Grade 3, Band: Grade 4)
  • Elementary - elementary students in their second year of instruction (Grade 4, 5)
  • Concerts are given throughout the year.



  • Concert Band - students rehearse twice a week and offer public performances throughout the school year.
  • Jazz Band - middle school students enrolled in band may audition for placement in this ensemble which performs in selected concerts. This group includes students who play piano, electric guitar and bass guitar.


  • Students rehearse twice a week and offer public performances throughout the school year.
  • Select Strings - middle school students enrolled in strings may audition for this small ensemble which performs for special occasions.

Handbell Choirs

  • 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students audition for placement in Advanced or Beginner Handbell Choirs.
  • Both groups perform in concerts and at community and church events.

Instrumental Ensembles

  • Small ensembles, such as percussion, woodwind, brass or string ensembles perform in concerts and in the community.


5th grade: Students are introduced to a beginning choir experience where they learn to blend their voices and sing in parts which may be harmony or various styles of rounds.

Middle School: A large group comprised of middle school students will perform in a variety of venues during the first semester. Students will then have the opportunity to audition for Bella Vocce, a smaller chamber choir group, for the second semester. All students will remain in the larger group for the school year.