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Dock Touring Choir

They're back!

The Touring Choir is back touring again. Plan to catch one of their concerts!


Spring 2023 Touring Choir Itinerary


  • April 14-16 - Mennonite Schools Council Choir Festival Harrisonburg VA

  • April 23 - Franconia Mennonite Church 10:15am Worship Service

  • April 30 - Souderton Mennonite Church 9:30am Worship Service

  • May 7 - Zion Mennonite Church 9:00am Worship Service

  • May 21 - Blooming Glen Mennonite Church 9:30am Worship Service

  • May 24 - Dock Mennonite Academy 7:00pm Spring Concert

  • June 4 - Salford Mennonite Church 9:30am Worship Service

  • June 10 - Dock Mennonite Academy 6:00pm Commencement

A special thank you to Eli Alderfer for the photo used on the Touring Choir program cover.   

Morgan Benjamin ('14, front row, far right) singing with the choir at a church in Switzerland during the Touring Choir's European tour.


Do Not Be Afraid

The 2021 Dock Mennonite Academy Touring Choir

For the second year in a row, the Touring Choir's spring concert schedule was canceled due to COVID-19. While the choir is anxious to perform for a live audience again, until then they are thrilled to share a song in this format.

The Dock Touring Choir has been working on an exciting recording project this spring—a music video! Choir director Mrs. Michelle Sensenig rehearsed the piece, Do Not Be Afraid by Philip W.J. Stopford with the choir in February. By March they were able to record each individual voice in a recording studio set up by Photographer-Videographer Mike Landis. Each singer’s voice was compiled into a composite audio recording by Dock alum Miguel Santiago (‘20). Mike Landis returned to Dock to capture video of the students lip-synching to their own recording in various locations around campus.

The theme of this song is centered on text from Isaiah 43:1. “Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name; you are mine.” The Touring Choir spent time reflecting on the meaning of this text as they prepared to record. Here are some of their thoughts: 

"The lyrics of the song focus on keeping a calm mind and to not fear because God is always there. This is applicable to this current year we've all been through with COVID-19. It's also relatable with me, being a senior, and all the change that's happening in my life so quickly. I tend to be excited for a lot of these changes, but it does become fearful at times. The reminder to not be afraid is what works to strengthen me through this year and the unknown to come." ~ Casey Harper, Senior. 

“Being in Touring Choir is meaningful to me because I love singing, whether it be by myself at home, driving my family crazy, or in a choir with others—learning and performing the songs together. I love being part of something bigger than myself and knowing that I am contributing to something beautiful—music."          ~ Lindsey Gouldey, Senior.  

“I love how the text holds so much reassurance saying, 'for I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name. You are mine.' Such powerful words that add so much depth as to why we are called to never be afraid. That is what I hope we are able to convey while singing this song--the power of the message while simultaneously the peace that it brings.” ~ Sara Kennel, Senior.

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I have seen God in the music we have sung

“I have seen God in and through the music we have sung, His spirit of joy and truth and healing flowing from our voices to the hearts of those who came to hear us. I saw Him in the churches and cathedrals we sang in—the high and wide spaces echoing back our voices, reminding us of how BIG God is.”

Photo by Madison Scialanca '16

2018 European Tour

Every other year, the Dock Touring Choir travels to Europe for a two-week tour. Students live with host families and perform a variety of concerts, many in churches, but also in public and impromptu, "pop-up" spaces. The tour offers choir members the opportunity to learn about travel, experience other cultures, and bond with one another. Students count it as one of the highlights of their high school experience.

View the 2018 European Tour report