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Connect with the joy of music

Learn to play the ukelele. Sing in an auditioned Touring Choir. Perform in an orchestra. Play a favorite song on Arts Day. Dock is a place to develop, grow and use your musical gifts and passions.

The energy and excitement of our EC teachers and students at our Early Childhood Spring Program was contagious! A huge thank you to our EC teachers, Ms. Megan Derstine, Mr. Matt Speck, & Mrs. Stacy Dubost for all their hard work and practice with our students--Just amazing! Want an instant pick-me-up? Watch the program and see for yourself!

Thanks to all the students and Directors, Mrs. Michelle Sensenig, Ms. Joy Yoo, and Dr. Matthew Ramage, for a wonderful High School Spring Concert! In the event that you missed it, click here to watch the concert! 

 A special thanks to our Directors, Mrs. Sam Brannon and Dr. Matthew Ramage, and our middle school students for an amazing Middle School Spring Concert --The hard work and practice paid off! In case you missed it, click here to watch the concert.