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Arts Day

Arts Day 2019: Harmony

Arts Day at Dock Mennonite Academy's Grades 9-12 Campus is a day to celebrate our students’ God-given talents and abilities. We want to recognize and share the gifts God has given to celebrate the arts and give students the opportunity to perform on stage, to demonstrate technical skill and creativity with excellence.

The theme for Arts Day 2019 is “HARMONY.” How can we live our lives in harmony? How can we live our relationships in harmony? How can we live to encourage harmony in the world? Students will perform in stage events and create entries in culinary, creative writing, fabric arts, photography, visual arts, and technology that express their understanding of harmony.

Arts Day 2019 Guidelines, Rubrics and Forms


Arts Day 2018 Gallery

Arts Day 2018 Program

Welcome, Prayer, Announcements

Emcees - Ms. Barbara Brown and Mrs. Charlene Rauch

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12 Small Vocal - “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables

Mikayla Frederick, Alex Martin, Lauren Ness

11 Dance - “Carry Me Home” by The Sweeplings

Macy Balmer, Laura Bergey, Bryce Kauffman, Ryan Kratz, Abby Morgan, Addison Schweizerhof,

10 Small Vocal - “Nobody Knows” by the Lumineers

Olivia Celenza, Jenna Dragone, Hannah Mellinger, Olivia Messina

9 Instrumental - “Summer” by Joe Hisaishi

Moon Hu, Spark Wu

12 Small Vocal - “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles

Mikayla Frederick, Molly Hand, Carsyn McCloskey, Lauren Ness, Abby Nice

11 Dance - “The Whisper of Pipa” by Lin Hai

Jie Ji, Peter Liang, Swan Yang, Claudia Zhang

10 Small Vocal - “Come Home” by OneRepublic

Jonathan Anderson, Calvin Derstein, Chase Gambol, Brian Hand, Micah Kratz, Braden Landis,

Christian Rush, Miguel Santiago

9 Reading - “Who’s on First” – by Abbott and Costello

Laura Frederick, Lindsey Gouldey

12 Class Technology - Produced by Jackie Jiang

9 Instrumental - “Games of Home” - compiled and arranged by Bryce Cardy

Bryce Cardy


11 Drama - “Home Sweet Old Home” - script by Aya Berry and Alexa Kennel

Sydney Cardy, Christine Chen, Jenny Chen, Adam Choi, Liam Gingrich, Ben Graham, Alexa Kennel,

Matt Lacek, Mikayla Martin, Ashley Mellinger, Katelyn Sellers

12 Small Vocal - “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw

Lindsey Bernd, Jeremy Yoder

9 Dance - “Samsara” by Tungevaag and Raaban

Ria Chu, Gina Ren, Rhea Song, Diem-Quynh Tran

10 Small Vocal - “Bailhualing” by PuShu

Calvin Gao, Sebastian Hou

9 Class Technology - Produced by Emily Mellinger

11 Band - “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynrd

Laura Bergey, Connor Derstine, Nicole Ford, Bryce Kauffman, Jeremy Moyer, Steve Seachrist

12 Montage/Game - “Dock’s Funniest Home Videos” compiled by Marques Brockington

10 Dance - “Forest Dream” – a traditional Chinese dance

Jessica Zhao

10 Class Technology - Produced by Hannah Landis and Olivia Celenza

9 Drama - “Mulan” - a Chinese fable based on Disney’s Mulan

Ria Chu, Judy Ding, Moon Hu, Isabelle Li, Tony Li, Gina Ren, Jacob Shreiner, Rhea Song, Chloe Sung, Leo

Wang, Spark Wu

11 Vocal - “Rainbow” by Jay Cho

Jenny Chen, Kasey Cai, Caesar Kang, Peter Liang

10 “Rivers and Roads” - by The Head and The Heart

Sydney Leaman, Miguel Santiago


10 Drama - “Home Alone in Fast Forward”

Bryanna Dix, Jenna Dragone, Hannah Landis, Kate Landis, Ruth Michel, Dalton Moore, Emma Robb,

Jessica Zhao

9 Vocal - “Movie Medley” - by Straight No Chaser

Laura Frederick, Cassidy Williams

11 Class Technology - Produced by Olivia Yates

11 Band - “Home” by the Goo Goo Dolls

Liam Gingrich, Bryce Kauffman, Matt Lacek, Steve Seachrist

12 Instrumental - “Bring It on Home” by Led Zepplin

Levi Longacre

10 Large Vocal - “Goin’ Home” by Paul Langford and “Hold Me, Rock Me” by

Brian Tate

Madelyn Bergin, Olivia Celenza, Bryanna Dix, Alison Keach, Kate Landis, Sydney Leaman, Ruth Michel,

Makenna Rodriguez, Regan Zehr

9 Montage - “Temporary Home” by Zac Maloy, Luke Laird, and Carrie


Kaci Alderfer, Jake Gerber, Kylie Godshall, Sam Godshall, Sara Kennel, Peyton Scialanca, Jacob Shreiner

11 Large Vocal - “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

Nicole Ford, Sam Gingerich, Alexa Kennel, Ryan Kratz, Mikayla Martin, Abby Morgan, Jeremy Moyer,

Addison Schweizerhof, Olivia Yates

12 Small Vocal - “Home” by Dierks Bentley

Evan Alderfer, Jeremy Yoder

10 Large Vocal - “Home” by Phillip Phillips

Jonathan Anderson, Madelyn Bergin, Olivia Celenza, Carlie Cocco, Carissa Derstine, Bryanna Dix,

Jenna Dragone, Braden Landis, Hannah Landis, Kate Landis, Sydney Leaman, Olivia Messina, Ruth Michel,

Makenna Rodriguez, Christian Rush, Ralph Saint-Fleur, Miguel Santiago

9 Vocal/Instrumental - “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and David


Laura Frederick, Sara Kennel, Marciella Shallomita

11 Small Vocal - “I’ll Think of You” by Kurt Hugo Schneider

Laura Bergey, Ben Graham, Ryan Kratz, Mikayla Martin

12 Vocal - “The Road Home” by Stephen Paulus

Evan Alderfer, Ian Anderson, Livia Anderson, Jackson Bell, Emily Bennett, Lindsey Bernd,

Marques Brockington, Eliza Dennis, Matt Derstine, Mikayla Frederick, Molly Hand, Charret Ho,

Chris Keach, Austin Kurian, Rachel Li, Isaac Longacre, Levi Longacre, Alex Martin, Carsyn McCloskey,

Lauren Ness, Abby Nice, Laura Olsen, Sam Thompson, Kyle Wells, Jeremy Yoder, Mason Zehr