Celebrating the arts

The arts—music, drama, visual art and more—are an essential component of the Dock learning experience.

The Arts

Capturing the inner spark

At Dock, the arts are an essential component of what it means to learn for lives of purpose.

Dock student musicians and artists shine on stage, in the studio, and in the classroom, with many graduates going on to participate in the arts at the collegiate level and beyond.

The arts have a unique capability to tap into emotion and connect us to one another, which is important for all students to experience. Whether it is playing the violin, painting a canvas, or singing in the fall musical, actively participating in the arts is an opportunity made available to all students. The musicals bring together the school's entire arts community, from set and costume designers to actors, vocalists, and musicians.

Teachers work together to ensure students stay involved and learn valuable skills--creativity, confidence, perseverance, how to receive constructive feedback, collaboration--in the process. With Philadelphia and New York nearby, Dock students are able to participate in organized trips to prestigious art galleries, theaters, and concert halls.


Visual Art

Arts Day