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Special Purpose Entity (SPE) option

If you have an annual Pennsylvania income tax liability of $2,000 or more, you can redirect your PA personal income taxes for financial aid to benefit qualifying children and young people at Dock Mennonite Academy.


You can accomplish this through a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) with a few simple steps. In fact, you can apply right now and be approved! 

A simple one-page application is all that is needed.

Simple, straightforward, successful

“After thoroughly vetting the option of participating in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program through Special Purpose Entity, I am delighted to report the process was simple, straightforward, and successful. Qualifying students at Dock Mennonite Academy benefit directly from tuition assistance because of these funds. The State of Pennsylvania created a vehicle to benefit children and young people, and I recommend it!"

These individuals participate in the SPE program and are also willing to have conversation with you:

Brent Kolb

Shareholder-Tax & Accounting Services


Certified Public Accountants

Email Brent

Natasha Alderfer

Shareholder-Accounting Services


Certified Public Accountants

Email Natasha

Marc Derstein

Shareholder/Managing Partner

Detweiler Hershey & Associates

Tax Planning & Business Consulting


Jennifer Landis


Baum, Smith & Clemens

Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors

215.368.5755, ext 192

email Jennifer

To enroll or learn more, please contact Bob Rutt, Director of Advancement, at or 215.362.2675.

SPE: Giving $10,000 will only cost you $1,000

If you direct $10,000 of your PA income tax dollars to the SPE instead of paying it to the state in quarterly estimates, you will receive a 90% PA tax credit and designate the $10,000 to students at Dock Mennonite Academy. Therefore, it “costs” you $1,000 out of pocket to provide $10,000 of financial assistance to qualifying students at Dock.  This program is managed by the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund (CPSF). Dock works with CPSF because the organization does not charge any administrative fees, ensuring that Dock students receive 100% of your contribution.