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Scholarship Funds

God’s Grace Endowment


Because of the generosity of an anonymous family, the God’s Grace Endowment Fund provides a predictable and steady stream of revenue to provide financial aid to qualifying families in kindergarten through 8th grade. Contributions to the God’s Grace Endowment Fund will increase the size of the endowment and expand the positive impact on students.

Jeanine Musselman Scholarship Fund

Jeanine Groff Musselman (class of ’81) was a Family and Consumer Sciences instructor at Dock who passed away on March 13, 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer. Jeanine was a life-long learner and teacher who served on both the EC-Grade 8 and high school campuses. A National Board certified instructor, she was loved by students and respected by colleagues for her excellence in the classroom.

Before her death, Jeanine and her family created a fund, to which anyone can contribute, to benefit qualifying high school students. Contributors have an opportunity to take part in Jeanine's legacy by making it possible for future students to benefit from attending the school she loved.

Harvey W. Bauman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harvey W. Bauman was a Social Studies and Church History teacher who inspired many students during his 22 years of service at Dock. He retired from Dock in 1982 and passed away in 1992.

In addition to serving as a teacher, he served as assistant principal and was an ordained preacher and teacher at Line Lexington Mennonite Church. Mr. Bauman encouraged students to do their best, looking out for and caring for students who struggled academically and socially. Students selected to benefit from this scholarship will be based on financial need. Contributors to the Harvey W. Bauman Scholarship Fund will keep the vision and dedication of Harvey alive.

Sponsorship Assistance Fund

The Sponsorship Assistance Fund provides assistance for students coming from international Mennonite schools or culturally diverse Mennonite students who need financial assistance in order to attend Dock. Periodically, students enroll because their families have international Mennonite connections but their families are not Mennonite. Sponsorship Assistance Fund students provide enriching diversity to our student body as they integrate into the community through involvement in academics, music, drama, sports, and other student activities.

Urban Fund

The Urban/Philadelphia Fund provides financial assistance to qualifying students from urban areas. Dock’s vision is to attract students from urban areas with diverse ethnic backgrounds and faith perspectives in order to enrich the experience of all of our students. Urban Fund students bring valuable perspectives and experiences to our student body through chapel, classroom discussions, and relationships.

Single Parent Scholarship Fund – James 1:27

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world." —James 1:27

Dock understands that single parents face unique financial challenges in order to send their children to our school. This fund provides financial assistance to qualifying families in an effort to bring stability and continuity to a child’s educational experience. Families express deep appreciation for the support they receive through the Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

Janice Meyers Scholarship Fund

Janice (Martin) Meyers was a beloved kindergarten teacher for 8 years. She was known for her love, laughter, dedication, and kind and caring heart as a teacher. Her students were welcomed, accepted, and appreciated with smiles and hugs each day. Mrs. Meyers began a five-year battle with breast cancer in 2006 and she passed away on April 26, 2011. She openly displayed her Christian faith during her battle with breast cancer trusting in God for her future. Through the outpouring of support and appreciation for her impact ion students' lives, the Janice Meyers Scholarship Fund was established for qualifying kindergarten students.

Karen Nofziger Scholarship Fund

Karen Nofziger served as a dedicated middle school math teacher for more than 20 years. She personally accepted the responsibility and challenge of making sure that every student experienced success in her math classes. Karen also accepted many additional leadership responsibilities through accreditation, curriculum planning, technology training, and administrative tasks. Because of her planning and generosity, an endowed scholarship fund was established after she passed away in 2013. The Karen Nofziger Scholarship Fund benefits qualifying students in middle school.


Opening the door to new experiences

An international student from Palestine writes to a donor, reflecting on the opportunities that she and her siblings have had at Dock.


I am writing to thank you for your generous contribution to the fund that allows me, and other students, to attend Dock. Because of you, I was able to attend this school and have a life-changing experience.

When I first started attending Dock, I was extremely nervous, just as any other new student would be, but the students and teachers made me feel at home. Their love and support overwhelmed me then and still does to this day. I can confidently say that I consider my teachers as mentors, friends and family. They supported me during one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life. Trying to adjust to a new environment where nobody speaks your language was a challenge, yet these amazing faculty members made this whole transition so much easier for me.

"Trying to adjust to a new environment where nobody speaks your language was a challenge, yet these amazing faculty members made this whole transition so much easier for me."

Growing up in a war-torn country was never easy. In Palestine, I had a lot of dreams and goals, yet I was never able to achieve them due to the poor economy and political conflicts.

Dock has opened new doors for me, from music to sports to growing in my faith. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar but was never able to afford lessons. Dock has given me the chance to learn guitar and be a part of the Touring Choir. My sister and I joined the volleyball team this year so we can try something new; we did not have sports at school in our country.

My brother, who is in fourth grade, is also having the opportunity to try and be involved in so many things, from singing to playing instruments. He can speak English fluently now thanks to the teachers who worked on him and helped him improve.

Being a senior now, my heart breaks as I have to leave next year. But I am leaving knowing that I have made amazing friendships with students and teachers.

Looking back, I would have never thought that this is where I would be today. I am endlessly thankful for all that you have been doing for my siblings and I. You have changed our lives—thank you so much. May God bless you as you continue to bring the light of Christ to people’s lives.

Elissa Odeh


Top: Elissa (right) with friends Natalie and Sydney on the porch of Detweiler House, the school office.

Middle: Elissa (far right) and classmates served at Living Streams Ranch for Dock's 2018 Service Day.

Above: Elissa (right) and friends make an announcement in chapel.