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Dock Rocks Giving Day

Let's give 'em a face full of pie!

Look at those fresh-faced faculty members! You want to see them buried in strawberry pie up to their ears, don't you?

If we get to 150 gifts by 3:15 on Friday, it's going to happen!

Clockwise from top left: Mrs. Laura Martin (Grades 9-12 librarian); Mr. Jason Sprunger (EC-Grade 8 tech support); Mrs. Kathy Kennel (Grades 9-12 teacher); and Mrs. Rachael Grimm (EC-Grade 8 teacher).

Who's ready for some pie in the face?

Dock's two mascots—the Country Fair & Auction Chicken, and Christopher the Pioneer—square off to promote the faculty pie-eating contest that is one of the incentives for Dock Rocks Giving Day.