Alumni Challenge 2020

We have a goal of 100+ new donors. Will you help us get there?

Alumni Challenge

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Watch for details on featured events in our

'Stay at Home'-Coming

Virtual Coffeehouse featuring current students and alumni

STEM and Culinary Zoom workshops

Livestream athletic contests

A fun, engaging opportunity to support Dock, with a focus on alumni participation. You can help us reach our goal of 100+ new donors!

Our main goal is for YOU to participate!

Be an advocate!

Support your favorite Dock varsity sport, student club, or area of greatest need.

Create a little friendly giving competition within your graduating class or between your class and another class, between sports teams, or maybe fall musical cast members (Les Miserables vs Fiddler on the Roof, anyone?) Create a Challenge Gift of your own and call out your classmates, teammates and friends to join you! Set up your personal challenge on the Alumni Challenge page and watch a short video to show you how.

Generate gifts, get prizes!

Generate $100 — get a $20 WAWA Gift Card

Generate $250 — get a $50 WAWA Gift Card

Donate $25 in honor of your class era and be entered to win one of five WAWA gift cards!

Donate $100 in honor of your class era and be entered to win one of three Alumni Spirit Packs!