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Life-Changing Opportunities at Dock

Dear Dock Community,

Seniors at Dock Mennonite Academy enroll in a Bible course called Kingdom Living.  One significant activity in this course is a week of job shadowing and/or service.  During the week of September 25-29, individual seniors shadowed the following vocations – travel agent, engineer, anthropologist, dietician, counselor, doctor, nurse, dental hygienist, reporter, detective, police officer, physical therapist, real estate agent, lab technician, contractor, athletic trainer, college admissions counselor, wildlife biologist, photographer, business owner, and dance teacher.  Students volunteered at Mennonite Resource Center, food banks, JAARS, and local retirement communities. 

Seniors reported these experiences to be affirming and clarifying as they make plans for future schooling and vocational decision-making as they follow Jesus. 

“Overall, this week was extremely helpful.  Not only for the experience, but also the connections made, and life lessons learned.  I was able to gain knowledge and mentors from very successful and hardworking people.  Having these examples were amazing to show me how much I can do in life if I stay dedicated, focused, and motivated.” 

Ceara Barnes ’24, WNBA Reporter

“I was able to have a lot of hands-on experience which affirmed my decision that I am meant to work in the Emergency Room.  Nursing is an amazing profession, but I think that I want to be an Emergency Room physician.”

Maddy Churches ’24, Chestnut Hill Hospital

“The coordinator explained that the quilts we were making would be donated to people in need, including war victims and refugees.  This realization gave my work a deeper meaning, transforming it from a simple sewing task into a heartfelt gesture of compassion and support.  I arrived with a willingness to volunteer, but I leave with a profound sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the impact of collective efforts.  These experiences have shown me the incredible power of community, compassion, and the difference we can make when we come together to support those less fortunate.”  

Kira Chen ’24, Mennonite Resource Center

For Dock students, these encounters are life-changing and shape a student’s perspective, path, and trajectory forever. 

Thank you for the vital support you provide Dock students on an annual basis.  Please consider giving a gift to continue providing an education that offers opportunities for students to grow in faith, knowledge, and passion for learning and service.  Your gift will make a difference in the lives of students!


Dr. Conrad Swartzentruber, Superintendent                                                            

Robert Rutt, Director of Advancement


Dock students say 'Thank you'

Because of your faithfulness...

"...we are able to enjoy a beautiful campus. Thank you for helping to give us a place where we can learn, interact with God and each other, make music, act, compete, experiment, play on a team, make art, and much more."


"Thank you for supporting Dock, and everything that this school is about. I have always loved theater, and because of your contributions, I was able to come to Dock, where there are more theater opportunities. Thank you for making it possible for me to be here, and enjoy The Sound of Music! I enjoyed performing in the show, and I hope you will like seeing it!"

Because of your faithfulness...

"My passions and dreams are encouraged and supported.

Thank you for your kind generosity."

Thank you for your generosity in supporting this community. Dock gave me an opportunity to get in touch with Christianity and with God. I appreciate the teachings of Jesus. Thank you!

"I am thankful to be able to attend Dock.  The teachers teach well, and the campus is beautiful all year round. There is much kindness here, and many caring people."