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Dock Mennonite Academy has taught generations of students to be inquisitive, confident thinkers who lead lives of purpose in service to others.

Will you help us fulfill this calling for generations to come?

giving with purpose

Your support of our students is highly valued and greatly appreciated. Just like a musical or concert, everyone has their part to play to make the Dock experience a success! Your generosity supports students, programs, and personnel required for an exceptional Christ-centered education. Your gift will provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith, knowledge, and passions. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped them discover lives of purpose!


Advancement Staff

Mr. Robert Rutt

Director of Advancement

(215) 362.2675, ext. 5116

Mr. Cody Powis

Advancement Associate

(215) 362.2675, ext. 5105

People who care about me

"There are people here who care about me. There is a love that exists between us regardless of our nationality. My host dad drove me to the bus stop every morning. I got encouragement from teachers. My classmates explained English words to me. Those all are [expressions of] love. Every student is valued here, and everyone is treated equally. I appreciate that I had an opportunity to study in such a peaceful and joyful place, and to be surrounded by many wonderful and friendly people. I love Dock."

—Fiona Li '12

An answer to prayer

"Every night part of my prayer is for God to guide my family down the path that best allows each one of us to be the person God created us to be. There is no question that my prayers have been answered at Dock."

— Melissa Godfrey, EC-Grade 8 parent

College acceptance

"With my education at Dock I was able to be accepted at all of the colleges I applied to, and to feel good about myself for that accomplishment. I was able to fly past my goals and succeed in all of my classes, while still having a social life and maintaining a good job. Without the help of the teachers, counselors, and staff at Dock I would never be where I am. They kept me motivated to do my best, and encouraged me to never give up."

—Darren Bryant '12

Teachers give the gift of time

"Mr. Gehman gave me his cell number and told me I could call him any time to go over what I needed help with. Despite his full time job and a family at home, he offered to tutor me in the precious little spare time he had! I am years removed from his class, yet he still cared enough to offer me his time. That gesture still stands out to me."

Tyler Hunsberger '08

Tax Credits

Partner with us through EITC and SPE to make Dock accessible for all

Annual Fund

Direct funding for education initiatives and financial aid

Planned Giving

Your estate gift helps provide Christ-centered education

Capital Projects

Help us maintain state-of-the-art facilities

Fundraising Events

Support Dock—and have fun in the process!

Scholarship Funds

Help others experience a Dock education

Early Childhood to Grade Eight

Grades Nine to Twelve

Dock By The Numbers


of students receive financial aid or discounts

Aid can include direct support from Dock or assistance from churches


Percentage of graduates who attend college

Others take a gap year for service or enter the workforce


Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Dock strives to develop a life-long love of learning—and our faculty lead the way.

$1 million

Amount of financial aid awarded annually

Churches, businesses, alumni, and other donors help us make Dock more affordable for families


Faculty to Student Ratio

Class sizes offer opportunities for quality teacher-student interaction and individual attention


countries represented

A global perspective is a strength of the Dock experience


churches represented

Dock serves many other denominations; less than half of our students are Mennonite

Purpose That Inspires

A warm welcome

"The first day I came here I was constantly surprised as people came up to me introducing themselves and asking if I needed help finding anything. Students and teachers constantly made me feel like I had been here forever."

Grade 9 - 12 Student

Sense of community

"I knew this was where I wanted to be. The campus surprised me. It was smaller; in one visit I sensed the community here. Upperclassmen interacted with underclassmen; that didn’t happen in public school. I admired that feeling of community."

Grade 9 to 12 student

The total student

"I am privileged to teach in an environment where children are nurtured in every aspect of development: emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Dock provides an all-encompassing educational journey for every child."

EC-Grade 8 teacher