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Private Christian School Near Lansdale, PA

A Balanced Integration of Faith and Learning in Lansdale

If you're looking for a school to inspire and develop every part of who your child is, whether it be academically, socially or spiritually, then come and explore what Dock Mennonite Academy has to offer. From the first day of preschool until the day they graduate, Dock students are supported by the caring Lansdale community. Come explore a curriculum that incorporates faith and values, critical thinking and problem solving. At Dock Mennonite Academy, our mission is to inspire and prepare each student to serve with a global perspective by uniting their academic opportunities built from a Christ-centered community.

An Extraordinary Place to Learn Near Lansdale

At Dock, we are a true community. Building a community is the backbone of fully achieving the Dock experience. Our school will prepare your student academically for college, but will also help them learn to make good decisions in other areas of their life; that's what being part of a community is all about. Our teachers at Dock not only care about your child's academic success, but their success as a person too; our teachers make all the difference in your child's learning experience.

Join Our Lansdale Community

Dock policies and programs are designed to support positive and encouraging relationships within the school community. Our students have a great deal of freedom and understand that with freedom comes responsibility. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in learning more about our private Christian school near Lansdale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be Mennonite to attend Dock ?

  • Roughly 40% of Dock’s students attend a local Mennonite congregation. In total, 134 churches are represented within Dock’s student body. Students from a variety of church denominations are a part of the student body, which enriches the discussion in bible class and provides a variety of perspectives for students to hear from classmates.

Do you have a financial assistance program?

  • Dock Mennonite Academy encourages all interested Lansdale families to inquire about financial aid. Over $1,000,000 in direct financial aid is awarded annually to help make a Dock education more accessible for families who could not otherwise consider attending. Learn more about financial aid here.

Can students be bused from Lansdale?

  • Students that reside in a school district within ten miles of Dock are bussed for free to our schools. Each campus has a slightly different list of districts that qualify within this radius. Click here to see a comprehensive list.

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    • Dock Mennonite Academy has taught generations of students to be inquisitive, confident thinkers who lead lives of purpose.
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    • Dock Mennonite Academy is committed to fostering an enthusiasm for learning in students from the first day they walk through the door.
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    • Dock provides a variety of academic and extra-curricular offerings to give middle school students opportunities to explore their interests.
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    • Woven into a college-preparatory curriculum are essential life skills: critical thinking, problem solving, inquisitiveness, teamwork and leadership.
    • Academic excellence is delivered through a flexible curriculum that allows students to select classes based on their individual interests and learning styles.

Dock Mennonite Academy offers a dynamic and diverse learning community. Dock is a private Christian school whose balanced integration of faith and learning teaches students from Early Childhood to Grade 12

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