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Frequently Asked Questions

What school supplies does my child need?

Do I need to be Mennonite to attend Dock ? Are all Dock students Mennonite?

Roughly 40% of Dock’s students attend a local Mennonite congregation. In total, 134 churches are represented within Dock’s student body. Students from a variety of church denominations are a part of the student body, which enriches the discussion in bible class and provides a variety of perspectives for students to hear from classmates.

Do you encourage parents to volunteer?

  • Yes

Why do I need Child Abuse and Criminal Clearances?

  • For volunteer activities, volunteers at Dock Mennonite Academy must produce a child abuse history clearance, criminal history background clearance and a fingerprinting check or a volunteer affidavit. Click here for more information and to apply for these clearances. These clearances will be kept on file at the school.

Do you have a financial assistance program?


  • Dock Mennonite Academy encourages all interested families to inquire about financial aid. Over $1,000,000 in direct financial aid is awarded annually to help make a Dock education more accessible for families who could not otherwise consider attending. Learn more about financial aid here.

How many of your graduating 8th graders go on to the 9-12 Campus?

  • About 80-90%

Where can students be bussed from?

  • Students that reside in a school district within ten miles of Dock are bussed for free to our schools. Each campus has a slightly different list of districts that qualify within this radius. Click here to see a comprehensive list.

What if I need to change afternoon transportation?

  • Call the main office with the change and we will get a note to the student

What to do if my child is riding the bus home with another student?

  • Both students must be in the same school district.
  • A note, stating this transportation change, must come to school with each student.
  • The notes must be approved by the elementary office or the middle school office.
  • The notes are given to the bus driver as the students get on the bus in the afternoon.
  • Pennridge School district does not allow students to ride other buses within their district.



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Physical Exam Form - Physical form for K, 6 and new students

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