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Faith Walk

Going deeper in our faith

Faith Walk is a class for seniors (and some juniors) that allows students to explore their faith. Each student shares from their own faith journey, and together, students grow in faith and deepen their relationship with Christ—and with one another. A highlight of the class is an overnight off-campus retreat.

Faith Walk taught me to be more understanding and accepting of other people, and of myself.

A big part of 'the dock difference'

Dock faculty member Mrs. Jane Mast attended a recent Faith Walk retreat and shared these observations with her colleagues:

"I have been doing a little reflecting from the Faith Walk retreat this past weekend. I know many of you get to hear snippets from the testimonies of the kids from Faith Walk class in chapel. But I just want to add that the class and the retreat creates a space and opportunities that most of us adults could definitely use. For most of these students, it is the first time they feel like they can be safely heard and supported. Relationships are deepened and mended, healing happens, closeness forms and for some, it may very well change the course of their lives—how they see themselves and others.

"We always talk about the ‘Dock Difference,’ and I believe this class is a unique piece of the Dock experience. Faith Walk is incredibly valuable in preparing these young people to go into the world, be strong and resilient, and do good. I am thankful that our school values this kind of learning, which goes beyond academics."

Students reflect on Faith Walk class

I can honestly say Faith Walk is one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken in high school. Faith Walk taught me to be more understanding and accepting of other people, and of myself. I got to know everyone on a more personal level, and I let myself open up to some people who were complete strangers.

During [the class], my family was dealing with the death of a close family member. I began to question faith, not in a negative way, in a positive way. It made me more curious about it, and made me want that relationship with God again.

Emalene Sylvester ‘15

Out of all the classes that I took, Faith Walk will leave the biggest impact on me. I surprised people with my story, and I was very much surprised by other people’s stories. I was humbled by what went on in that class; I made a lot of new friends and talked to people I never thought I would. This experience was great for me. I am so happy to be in a school like Dock.

Ethan Mercure '14

Although giving my testimony was still scary, I felt better knowing that I no longer had to hide my true thoughts and feelings from people. In a series of word poems I wrote about myself in AP English, I described myself as “The girl you think you know.” This theme was found throughout my testimony as I talked about how I feel like few people truly know me because of my shyness. Faith Walk was an opportunity to overcome this and reveal the real me to people who I had never gotten to know before. The retreat was an amazing experience, and it challenged me spiritually in ways that I had never been before.

Hannah Derstine '14

Faith Walk was amazing. It became such a safe place for all of us, and it gave me the chance to get to know people outside of my group of friends. I appreciated how raw and open people were in their testimonies, and it allowed me to tell the whole truth of my story. I did not shield people from the actual horror and deep pain I had gone through, as I usually did. I feared that sharing my loss would put unneeded weight onto other people’s shoulders, but Faith Walk encouraged me to do this. I will cherish the friendships I made in that class, and I will never forget our retreat—especially the circle of hugs that never seemed to end.

Lindsey Laverty '14

One thing we did was to give our personal testimony. This made me realize that I wasn’t the only one battling the things that I was struggling with, and that peopled cared. After I gave my testimony I felt completely changed—not only because the people in the class knew what was going on in my life, but because they actually cared, and it just felt great. At that time in my life, Faith Walk was the class I absolutely looked forward to all day and never wanted to leave.

Azariah Parmer '13

I was intimidated at first; I remember shaking from nerves those first couple of days as we were randomly called on to share. It took a brave soul to be the first testimony of the quarter, but when Colton [Young] stepped forward to share his story, it set the tone for the whole class. One by one, we were given a class period to tell our story, and I’ve come to believe there is something intensely healing and unifying about hearing others’ stories and telling our own. I came to stand in absolute awe of my classmates: for their bravery and strength, their honesty and compassion, their thoughtful and yet humorous way of seeing the world.

Beth Curtis '13