Faith that is owned

Mennonite values—an understanding of God's unconditional love, respect for others, and a humble attitude of service—are an integral part of the Dock educational experience.

Commitment to Service


Service is about joining with God to bring healing, hope, and restoration to the world. Dock's commitment to serving others is deeply rooted in our faith.

It is part of our DNA as followers of Christ.

Our mission statement, adopted in 2017, states that "Dock Mennonite Academy inspires and equips each student to serve with a global perspective by integrating faith, academic excellence, and life-enriching opportunities in a Christ-centered community."

"To serve" is the primary verb of action for our students. Service is not something a few will choose to do; rather we strive to make it a way of life for each student, regardless of their career choice. Christ modeled a life of service, and Dock works to incorporate this value in both our formal and informal curriculum.