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"I was also unconsciously influenced by the three days a week of chapel. It is delightful to hear stories from a variety of different people and perspectives. I gained a strong sense of community and strength of faith."

Rebecca Qu, '17


Some of our recent chapels

Tyler Hunsberger

How do you communicate with others about difficult topics? Dock alum, musician, singer and podcaster Tyler Hunsberger ('08) shares some of his insights about keeping lines of communication open, engaging others, and the vital importance of asking questions.

(Spoiler alert: Asking questions may help you get a second date, and it's OK to talk to yourself.)

Jerry Yoder & Friends

There are a lot of great things about the Dock educational experience, but one of the very best is the almost continual exposure to great music. This morning, Wednesday, May 8, the Dock community enjoyed an acoustic set from faculty member Jerry Yoder, who shared about his love for music, and the support and encouragement he has received on his musical journey.

Forty Foot Road

What a treat to have this new alumni acapella group make their debut in chapel on Friday, May 3. Thanks to Mr. Rodney Derstine ('70), Miles Musselman ('05), Eric Johnston ('05), James Mast ('05), and Andy Richter ('08) for bringing the musical sunshine!

Pastor Hendy Stevan

Hendy Stevan, pastor of Indonesian Light Church in South Philadelphia, spoke in chapel on Monday, April 15 about giving God our best.

The Price is Right

The youth group from Souderton Mennonite Church led our chapel on March 13,

with a game show based on "The Price is Right."

Middle School Chapels

1.31.2018 - Students share their faith journey

What does it mean to be a child of God?

The best chapels are the ones in which students share, and in this Middle School chapel (below), students reflect on their own faith stories, and what it means to them to be children of God. Students sharing (in order) include:

  • Emma Celenza (7th grade; starting at 13:50)
  • Katherine Kardos (7th grade; starting at 15:10)
  • Ainsley Moyer (7th grade; starting at 17:25)
  • Haley Harper (7th grade; starting at 19:55)
  • Simon Hershberger (7th grade; starting at 21:30)
  • Summer Hondros (8th grade; starting at 24:00)
  • Pi’ikea Fujita (6th grade; starting at 27:50)
  • Miles Longacre (6th grade; starting at 28:50)

Grades 9-12 Chapels 2017-18

3.5.2018 — Social Media: Three Crucial Questions

Are you the master of your social media—or is it mastering you?

Jon Carlson, pastor of Forest Hills Mennonite Church in Leola, PA, led students in a concise examination of current social media practice, asking students to answer three key questions:

  1. Who's the boss? Are you in charge of your social media—or is it mastering you?
  2. What do you see? If social media is a tool that can be used for good or for harm, how are you using it? When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  3. What's next? Your generation will make policy and determine what's acceptable and what's harmful when it comes to social media and other forms of technology. The formative patterns in our lives right now will have tremendous implications, and consequences, down the road.

Jon's presentation was relevant and provocative, and could be used as a jumping off point for more in-depth discussions with your teenager about their use of social media. Watch the Parks & Recreation clip first, then Jon's presentation.

Grades 9-12 Chapels

8.30.2017 — Students share their goals for the year

What do you want to say in your Senior Presentation?

That's one of his favorite questions to ask of Dock students, said Grades 9-12 Principal Mr. Martin Wiens in his introduction to the August 30 chapel. "When we listen to your Senior Presentation, we do not want to hear about all of the things you did not do, the things you didn't even try," Mr. Wiens said. "We don't want to hear about your regrets."

Five Dock students—four seniors and a junior—then shared about the goals they had set for themselves for the 2017-18 school year.

Jeremy Moyer

Erica Gunden

Kevin Knapp

Hannah Swartley

Mason Zehr