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Appearance Code

Creative expression, with modesty

The basis for Dock Mennonite Academy’s policy rests on the following Christian principles:

1) Our bodies are temples of God;

2) Dress is an expression of God’s creativity, done to please Him;

3) Dress should be modest, consistent with a Christian commitment; and

4) Dress should reflect good stewardship of resources.

The following student attire is considered appropriate for the educational setting on our campus:

  • Dress shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Pants or jeans
  • Dresses, skirts, or shorts that are no shorter than fingertip length
  • Footwear shall be worn at all times
  • All attire must have sleeves

The following is considered inappropriate (and shall not be worn):

  • Hats or sunglasses inside buildings
  • Revealing attire e.g., tops do not cover the torso
  • Clothes that resemble or advertise the armed forces
  • Hairstyles/ hair color, piercings, tattoos, and logos that contradict Dock’s Covenant Statement

The implementation of the above code is best achieved within a positive relationship among parents, students, and teachers. Teachers will establish a spirit of expectation based on these standards. If violations occur, students will be asked to report to the school office for administrative discretion. 

Adopted – February 8, 1990
Revised – August 8, 1995
Revised – April 11, 2000
Revised – May 21, 2015
Revised – July 7, 2021