A tradition of home-cooked meals

Dock Mennonite Academy is a school with deep traditions, from the famous boat race across Groff Pond to the 8th grade class camping trip as a rite of passage before graduating. This deep sense of tradition is also reflected in our food service program.

Emma Landis started the program and only three food service directors have followed her. During Emma’s time, they baked pies from the persimmon trees that rise from the ground on Detweiler Lawn. Emma also had a team of volunteers that would shuck and cut donated corn for the food program.

Dock still holds a high regard for the food it serves. The kitchen staff still bakes and cooks most of the same items, just like Emma did 60 years ago when she began the culture of serving home-cooked meals to the students and community.

I truly believe what makes the food service program so special is the people that prepare the food. The average years of service for current Dock Food Service employees is 12 years; the longest-tenured person has been here for 30 years. It is this kind of commitment that makes a program great.

I love when students come back and ask if we still make certain meals, and most of the time I answer, “Yes!” When you are eating one of our famous cookies at Dock’s annual Homecoming Weekend, remember that 60 years ago someone was eating a cookie very similar to the one in your hand, and enjoying the same great fellowship that Dock has always offered.

Bill Lorah

Food Services Director

EC-Grade 8 Food Services Staff

Front (l to r): Sherry Kratz, Holly Zeller, Leslie Gouldey, Jessica Seymour

2nd Row: Deb Mandell, Chef Bill Lorah, Laura Almond, Karen Rothmann

Grades 9-12 Food Services Staff

Front (l to r): Nicole Sylvester, Deb Derstein

2nd Row: Crucita Berrios, Jeanne McClincy, Jane Seaman

3rd Row: Sandra Detweiler, Chef Bill Lorah, Fran Weber