Running with perseverance

Christine (Kolb) Balmer (1959-2016) used her passions, particularly photography, to encourage her own children and countless other Dock students.

Christine (Kolb) Balmer '77

A life of purpose

As a godly wife, mother, and encourager, Christine (Kolb) Balmer ('77) lived a life of purpose that gave evidence of her deep love for Jesus.

Christine Balmer ran with perseverance the race set before her and shared her joyful spirit along the way!

As a Dock student in the mid 70’s, Chris Balmer was a vivacious cheerleader, blew her trumpet in the band and sang in the choir. After graduating from Dock she kept singing her unique song and cheered others on through her gifts and passions.

Chris captured countless Dock athletes on film…over 14,000 edited photos that blessed many families.

She served others as a faithful and godly wife and mother, mentoring other young women as well.

Chris stayed fit, ready for activity, using workout times to share Christ.

She was a great cook, preparing tasty dishes devoured by field hockey players, missionaries and friends.

In 2013 cancer began to rob Chris of her ability to do the things she loved, but her eyes and her smile kept cheering others on because of her deep love for Jesus.

Her and Dan’s prayer from Ephesians was, “May we have power, together with all God’s people, to grasp the deep love of Christ!”

As a Dock chapel speaker Chris asked this question to the students: How has God created you to uniquely present yourself to him every day?

Let’s ask ourselves that question and thank Chris Balmer for inspiring us to persevere for Christ!

Christine (Kolb) Balmer

  • Dock Class of 1977
  • Godly wife, mother, friend, and mentor
  • Set up on a blind date with Dan Balmer in January 1977, and were married two years later on March 3, 1979.

  • Mother of Dock grads Joshua, Jessica and Alisha.
  • Avid photographer who shared thousands of photos with the Dock community—particularly of Dock athletics.
  • Chris received the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the inaugural Dock ESPY Awards in October 2017. Her husband, Dan, accepted the award on her behalf.

Chris captured countless Dock athletes on film…over 14,000 edited photos that blessed many families.

Friend Rita Hoover