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Class of '63 55th Reunion

A peaceful, easy feeling

The Class of 1963 met for their 55th reunion on Sept 8, 2018, at Dan and Nancy Leatherman's Laurel Road Farm in Berks County. This reunion had a little bit of everything—scroll down to read the report by Mary Lynn (Landis) Ferry and peruse the photos and other memorabilia from classmate Jim Bishop and others.

Despite the cheerless, misty weather on Sept 8, 2018, members, spouses and advisers of the Christopher Dock class of 1963 were struck by the beauty of the Berks County rolling farmland as we approached Dan and Nancy Leatherman's Laurel Road Farm for our 55th class reunion.

No less impressive was the setting for the reunion: a barn previously spruced up to accommodate several family weddings.

The class of 1963 seems to have established a tradition of barn reunions since our 50th reunion at Henry Rosenberger's bucolic farm. As members chatted, socialized and shared memories, we remained mindful that we sat side by side in Pearl Schrack's English class in Grebel Hall and Roland Yoder's art room in the Science building 55+ years ago- nearly a lifetime. Pearl and Roland, class advisers, reminisced at one point with crystal clarity about our Junior/Senior Banquet decorations that included a water wheel and cheesecloth ceiling.

With 26 out of 53 graduates present, the reunion day flew by. Jim, manning the CD player, and Anna Bishop had nearly everyone up and line dancing the Hokey Pokey, the Cupid Shuffle and Dancing Cowboys.

After this memory and body stimulation, we shared a catered meal after which Glenn Bauman, our spirited class vice-president, gave us a Class of 63 news briefing. He reminded us that our class had started the David Souder Endowment Fund that at our 40th reunion totaled $50,000.00 and now exceeds $105,225.00. The interest is used by the environmental classes at Dock each year.

Glenn shared with the group letters and notes from classmates who were unable to attend because of illness, distance or obligations. We also acknowledged the seven classmates, memorialized at a table of remembrance, who have passed away.

Several interesting milestones were noted: For Esther Moyer Layman and Emerson Smoker, the 55th reunion was their first; Sam Ruth traveled from Panama and Emerson Smoker from Oregon.

When Glenn offered the mic to the audience, several spoke on the same themes: CD's high expectations of each student, teachers'  commitment to spirituality and academics, and the ongoing impact of the CD experience in our lives. Renewing our friendships and memories at this reunion provided all of us a time to recognize CD for having a powerful influence in making us what we are today.

The evening closed with more entertainment when Dan Leatherman recited the poem "Jonah and the Whale." Our entire class thanks Glenn and Chris Bauman for their dedicated and untiring efforts to keep this group connected and Dan and Nancy Leatherman for providing a peaceful, easy setting.

Renewing our friendships and memories at this reunion provided all of us a time to recognize CD for having a powerful influence in making us what we are today.

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Class of '63's Greatest Hits

These songs were at the top of the charts in 1963...thanks to Jim Bishop for compiling the list!

1. Walk Like a Man, The Four Seasons

2. Walk Right In, Serendipity Singers

3. I Saw Linda Yesterday, Dickie Lee

4. Rhythm of the Rain, The Cascades

5. I Will Follow Him, Little Peggy March

6. Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto

7. Puff, the Magic Dragon, Peter, Paul & Mary

8. Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Kingston Trio

9. I'm Leavin' it Up to You, Dale & Grace

10. Surfin' USA, The Beach Boys


11. Wipe Out, The Surfaris

12. So Much in Love, The Tymes

13. Sugar Shack, Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs (top-selling song of 1963!)

14. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, Rolph Harris

15. Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh, Allan Sherman

16. Louie, Louie, The Kingsmen

17. Surf City, Jan & Dean

18. Deep Purple, Nino Tempo & April Stevens

19. Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton

20. Dominique, The Singing Nun

21. Maria Elena, Los Indios Tabajaras

22. Hey, Paula, Paul & Paula

23. Be My Baby, The Ronettes

24. One Fine Day, The Chiffons

25. For You, Rick Nelson

26. Our Day Will Come, Ruby & the Romantics

27. Abilene, George Hamilton IV

28. Desert Pete, Kingston Trio

29. Blowin' in the Wind, Peter, Paul & Mary

30. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You, Jim Reeves