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International Students

A vibrant community

International students are an important part of Dock's mission to

prepare ALL of our students for a global society.

International students are a vibrant part of the Christopher Dock community and we welcome them to consider a faith-infused Dock education.
We recognize the value in preparing students for a global society and we are thankful for the diversity, gifts, and talents that each student brings to our campus.
Approximately 15% of our students are international, representing various countries including China, South Korea, Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Albania.
The enrollment process and important information for international students are outlined below.

Individual High School Student Tuition

Individual Middle School Student Tuition$9,500
International Fee*$4,900
New International Student Orientation Fee***$500
Additional Expenses
  • Students requiring train transportation will be assessed an additional fee (this is rare for international students)
  • Lunch is available for purchase in the Grade 9-12 and EC-Grade 8 cafeterias. Students spend an average of $4-$6 per lunch.
  • Optional iPad insurance is available for purchase for $50.

* International Fee includes processing fees, some support services, yearbook fees, and class dues.

** Insurance is required for ALL international students. Rate is subject to change by the Allen J. Flood Insurance Co. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the international student insurance policy, please email Director of Admissions Doug Hackman at

*** Only applicable to first-year high school students

Important information for international students

1. Documents required for enrollment consideration

a. Completed Dock Admissions application

b. Copy of applicant's birth certificate, valid passport or VISA

c. Copies of transcript/grade reports, including English translation

d. Recent TOEFL iBT sent directly to Dock from ETS (waived for most 9th and 10th grade students depending on Skype interview results)

e. Current and complete health records

f. Additional documents/teacher recommendations as needed

g. An interview or Skype interview may be required to determine English proficiency.

2. Standard tuition rates apply (click here for a tuition rate sheet)

a. Additional $4,900 non-refundable annual international fee

b. Payment in full for the school year required before I-20 is issued

c. Wire transfer of tuition funds must include student Dock ID number

d. Tuition refunds are pro-rated at the school's discretion.

e. A new international student orientation fee will also be applied to first-year students.

3. Student housing is the responsibility of the student's family or agent.

Student must provide proof of local guardian, address and phone number a minimum of two weeks before the first day of school. There are a limited number of spaces available for students interested in boarding at the Dock House, a host family and home provided by Dock. For more information on the Dock House, please contact Doug Hackman at

4. Transportation is the responsibility of the host family. Busing may or may not be provided by the host's school district.

5. There is a $250 fee if Dock text books are requested prior to the start of school. Credit will be applied once the books are returned without damage.

6. Admission at second semester may be considered for grades 9 and 10.

7. A completed medical form is required by the state of Pennsylvania. Click here for PDF

Questions regarding international students can be directed to

Doug Hackman, Director of Admissions, at