Senior Presentations 2020

Senior speeches go virtual


The schedule for this year's Senior Presentations has now been posted. These "senior speeches" will be delivered on two channels (see below). Presentations will be recorded and archived, with links to each student's speech available on this same schedule document.

To view your student's presentation, find their name on the attached schedule. At their designated day and time, click on the link of the corresponding channel at the top of the column ("Live Channel 1" or "Live Channel 2.") When the recording of your student's presentation has been archived, the student's name will appear as a link on this schedule document. Most recordings will be archived within 24 hours.

Senior Presentations are 20-minute public presentations in which seniors reflect on the academic, social and spiritual growth they have experienced during their years at Dock. Developed as part of the Communications class curriculum, the presentations offer a window into the classes, co-curricular events, teachers and experiences that have helped shape each student. Senior Presentations are typically given on campus, but have moved online for the 2019-20 school year.

Senior Presentation schedule

YouTube playlist of Senior Presentations