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Scheduling & Course Selection

Students are advised to select courses wisely and carefully with a post-secondary goal in mind. All students are expected to continue in and complete the courses selected. Registration for the following year occurs in February. The registration form requires a student and parent signature. Parents, please work with students to select appropriate classes. The following year's schedule will be distributed before the end of the year. Students have until the end of the first week of school to make any necessary changes for the entire year. If a schedule change is needed please stop by the Guidance Office and schedule an appointment with Mrs. Leaman or Mr. Kabakjian.

Graduation Requirements:

Listed below are the minimum credit requirements which students must meet in order to qualify for the Dock Mennonite Academy diploma. Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits. Check the Curriculum Guide for more specific course requirement information.



Social Studies








Physical Education


Fine Arts/Music




Family and Consumer Sciences









Promotion Requirements:

The placement of a student in a particular grade is based on the following minimum requirements attained while being a student at Dock Mennonite Academy.

Grade 9

Successful completion of grade 8

Grade 10

Six credits (6)

Grade 11

Twelve credits (12)

Grade 12

Seventeen and one-half credits (17 1/2)

Any senior who does not meet all requirements by the completion of fourth quarter will not be able to participate in graduation exercises.


Creating Student Schedules

Registering for the next year’s classes is a process that begins in February. Students choose their courses, which helps to determine the classes that will run and how many sections of a course we will offer. Therefore, it’s important that students are thoughtful and plan accordingly about which classes they wish to take. After the master schedule has been created and individual students schedules have been run, students are given the opportunity to adjust their schedule by meeting individually with their Guidance Counselor. Our goal is that all 10th,11th, and 12th grade students will have their schedules complete and set for the entire year prior to leaving for summer break. Incoming freshman will often receive their schedules over the summer and can contact the Guidance Office the week prior to the start of school to make additional changes. They are also given the opportunity to make changes during New Family Orientation.

We are aware that students may need to make some adjustment to their schedules after school begins. Because of this, we allow all students to make changes to their entire schedule during the first two weeks of school. After this time, schedules should be set for the entire year.    


Withdrawing from a Class

For a variety of reasons, there are times when a student may need or desire to withdraw from a given course after the first two weeks of school. We do allow students to drop classes both before and after a class has started.  

If a student has a legitimate reason for dropping a class before it starts and has approval from their Guidance Counselor and parent or guardian, we will make the change. 

If the student has already started the class, they will need consent from their teacher, parent, and Guidance Counselor before dropping the class. If all are in agreement, the student will be allowed to drop the class, but it will be noted on the permanent transcript. A “WP” (Withdraw Passing) notes that satisfactory work was being completed in the course at the time of withdrawal. A “WF” (Withdraw Failing) notes failing work at the time of withdrawal. The WP will not impact a student’s GPA, where as a WF will be averaged in as if the student had failed the course. Students who withdraw from a class are not eligible for Honor Roll that quarter or Open Study Hall the following quarter.