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Learning Support

Dock Mennonite Academy seeks to develop the God-given abilities of students in preparation for responsible stewardship of life as members of God’s people in a global society. In the spirit of the mission statement, Dock recognizes that all students have unique gifts and all students learn differently.

In order to meet the needs of students with learning differences, international students, and others, special services are provided by the school, including a learning support teacher, remedial services, and tutorial services. A forty-five minute directed study option each day is available for students with special needs. English Study Skills classes are also available for those who need assistance with reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in grades 9-11. Academic accountability is expected, and success is often achieved through content-specific accommodations related to individual learning differences.

Directed Study

Directed Study provides individual study support for students. The goals of this course are to explore various learning styles, as well as enhance organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills. Time is spent in direct instruction, peer tutoring, and personal study. An assignment book and instructor approval are required. Please speak to Mrs. Leaman, Mr. Kabakjian, or Mrs. Longacre for more information.


Listed below are several resources that will help any student in preparing for college, especially those students with learning differences.

Preparing Our Students for Transition Beyond High School

Significant Differences in Disability Services Between High School and College

Auxiliary Aids and Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities

College Funding for Students with Disabilities

Self Determination: Assuming Control of Postsecondary Education