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Counseling & Support Services

The Guidance Office staff are here to help you! A variety of counseling and support services are available.

Community Resources for Support During Covid-19

Penn Foundation Behavioral Health Services has a variety of resources available to help families get through the Covid-19 crisis. These include Tips to Help You and Your Family Navigate Tough Times, a wide range of community resources (including student food support options), online support groups, and inspirational messages of hope.

Guidance Counseling

The role of the Guidance Office staff is to be advocates of all students as we seek to meet their developmental needs. An important part of this process is counseling. Students may stop by the Guidance Office to seek support and guidance for a variety of issues. The counseling services provided at Dock Mennonite Academy include academic, personal, and career counseling. Students who seek personal counseling may do so on a short-term basis. Students identified as needing ongoing counseling are referred to outside counseling.

Student Support Team (SST)

Dock Mennonite Academy's SST program helps to identify high-risk students who are having school-related problems. It is also a method for identification, intervention, and referral of students who are believed to be at risk emotionally or behaviorally. It is an intervention, not a disciplinary team or treatment program.

Through a systematic process, school personnel, parents, youth leaders, etc. identify students who are having problems and refer them for help. The heart of the program is the Student Support Team, a core group of school personnel who are specially trained to work with at-risk students.

It is the Student Support Team's desire to foster wholeness and healing through this process. It is our prayer that the school, family, and church can work together to support, encourage, and provide guidance to each child.

If you are concerned about your child or aware of other students who are struggling with some of these issues, please feel free to contact one of the members of the Student Support Team listed below. Please feel free to share anonymously with any member of the committee. We want to stress that the function of this team is not one of discipline, but of love and support for all our students. Please understand that the information you share with any team member will be held in the strictest of confidence.

The following people will be serving on the Student Support Team for the 2021-22 school year:  Mr. Gehman, Dr. Silvermoon, and Mrs. Smith, Faculty; Caleb Benner, Campus Pastor; Mr. Kabakjian, 10th and 12th grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Leaman, 9th and 11th grade Guidance Counselor; and Mr. Doug Hackman, Principal.

Family Meetings/Consultation

Guidance staff members meet with families to discuss a variety of school-related issues. These meetings may be initiated by either the school, family, or church as a means of providing support for students and families. Please contact the Guidance Office if you wish to arrange a meeting.