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EC - Grade 8

Sarah Garges

EC-Grade 8 School Counselor

School Counseling Services Dock Mennonite Academy: EC-Grade 8

Learning for Lives of Purpose

Our school counselor is a trained educator with a mental health perspective who assists students with school-related issues and other developmental needs by:

  • Counseling students individually and in groups
  • Consulting with teachers, parents and the principal
  • Coordinating referrals with resources and counselors outside of school
  • Conducting classroom activities related to guidance needs
  • Serving on our Student Support Team

Why might a student see the school counselor?

  • To develop problem-solving skills
  • To learn stress-management techniques
  • To learn strategies for effective social skills
  • To build up self-esteem
  • To talk about fears, worries, or other concerns hindering the learning process

How is counseling set up?

  • Students may ask to see the counselor
  • Parents, teachers or the principal may request counselor involvement.
  • The counselor may initiate contact

If your child is invited to participate in group counseling, the counselor will send home a permission slip and a letter describing the group’s purpose.