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Senior Experience 2018

Dock student learning to make pottery during Senior Experience, a week for job shadowing or service.


Direction for life


Whether students choose to job shadow or serve, Senior Experience helps to light their future path.



In their senior year, students develop a proposal for a weeklong independent service/job-shadowing project at the end of semester one. The project is a component of the senior-level Bible class called Kingdom Living. Students are required to keep a journal during their experience. following the service experience/job shadowing, seniors spend two days in a retreat setting to reconnect, fellowship, and reflect on their service/job shadowing experiences.

See below for a list of Senior Experience placements


Dock grad Jessica Blaney '18 works in a recording studio during Senior Experience week.

Where seniors spent their Senior Experience Week

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Evan Alderfer, McFleeg Feeds, Watertown, SD

Brian Anderson, PJM Interconnection

Ian Anderson, North Penn School District

Livia Anderson , Vanessa’s Village. Guatemala

Eric Becker, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Emily Bennett, General Nash Elementary School

Lincoln Bergey, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Lindsey Bernd, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Jessica Blaney, Morningstar Studios, East Norriton, PA

Olivia Boyle, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Sophia Breslin, Abington Memorial Hospital

Marques Brockington, Habitat for Humanity, Norristown Zoo

Madison Buiting, Long and Foster Real Estate

Brianna Cascarelli, Da Vinci Dental Specialists

HeeJeong (Liz) Choi, Bornga Korean Restaurant

Yunxi (Jacob) Chu, Guangzhou Ziya Wood Industry, Co. Ltd.

Ryan Class, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Adam DeLisser , Normandy Farm Estates

Isaiah Denlinger, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Eliza Dennis, Pawsibilities

Joseph DePaul, Hidden Meadows

Samantha DiLoreto, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Mikayla Frederick, Dock EC-8 Campus; Oak Ridge Elementary School

Shawn Gacy, Franconia Café

McKenzie Gordon, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Erica Gunden, Interprovincial Board of Communication, The Moravian Church

Yilan Guo, China Galaxy Securities, Investment Management Department

Hannah Hackman, Dock EC-8 Campus; Penn Foundation

Heidi Hackman, Pearl S. Buck House; Cascadia Publishing; Dock EC-8 Campus

Molly Hand, Romanyshyn Construction

Madison Hawkins, QVC

Hsin Jui (Charret) Ho, Laurel Restaurant, Philadelphia

Jaden Hunsberger, CHL Systems

Shan (Jackie) Jiang, Jingjin Environmental Co. Ltd.

Daniel Kabakjian, Curry Construction Co.

Christopher Keach, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

David Keller, emPower Training Systems, New York City Food Bank

Nicholas Kelly, Philly Pretzel Factory

Meredith King, Schulmerich Bells, Allebach Creative, E. Merton Crouthamel Elementary School

Kevin Knapp, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Jamie Kolb, Dock EC-8 Campus; The City School; Dr. Brooke Lewis

Austin Kratz, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Austin Kurian, New York City Food Bank

Linxi (Kimberly) Li, Art Creativity Global (ACG)

Xin (Mia) Li, Zip Star

Yuantong (Rachel) Li, Aston Dental Care

Yihang (Daniel) Liu, Tianjin Haoyong Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Isaac Longacre, Dock EC-8 Campus; Souderton Area High School, North Penn High School

Levi Longacre, Martin Guitar

Daniel Loveless, Nuveen

Alex Martin, Manna on Main Street, Palmer Trolli

Carsyn McCloskey, Wissahickon School District

Leah Miller, Bucks County Department of Human Services

Christian Mirarchi, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Daniel Moyer, U.S. Magistrate Judge Marilyn Heffley, Philadelphia

Jiatai (Tommy) Mu, North West International

Lauren Ness, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Abigail Nice, Royce Yoder Pottery

Daniel Nixon, AAPEX Creations Inc.

Misrahim Nyagwegwe, Ron Kolb-Wycoff, realtor; Palmer Trolli

Graciella Odelia, Audrey Groff, Director of Midwifery, Reading Hospital

Laura Olsen, Dock EC-8 Campus

Caleb Pfleiger, WFMZ TV

Hayden Phillips, Samaritan's Purse

Angelica Rampogu, Ark Animal Hospital of Chalfont

Katherine Robinson, Larry Miller, D.O.

Jeremy Rolley, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Dylan Rush, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Melea Ruth, Hope for Health, Haiti

Rachel Shreiner, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Nicholas Smith, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Elysa Stout, Textron Unmanned Sytstems

Xin (Sunny) Sui, China Construction Bank Corp., Tianjin, China

Hannah. Swartley, James K. Swartley Builder

McKenzie Swartley, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Samuel Thompson, Elton and Thompson Engineering

Machealle Tirtasaputra, American Red Cross

Luke Tyson, Meron Medical

Angelica Velazquez Hernandez, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Kaiyao (King) Wei, Teassert, Philadelphia

Abbie Woods, Hope for Health, Haiti

Robert Work, Lansdale Electric Department

Heyan (Rebecca) Xiao, Vanessa’s Village, Guatemala

Jeremy Yoder, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Hanyin (Dillan) Yuan, Haitian Science Tech Limited

Mason Zehr, Refuge Ranch, Mexico

Zihan (Melanie) Zhang, Hua Chuang Zhen Juan

Yuchao (Sean) Zhu, Zhejiang Ashima Electronics Co.

Praise Zoegar, New York City Food Bank

Additional Senior Experience Journal Excerpts

Dan Loveless

I had the privilege of shadowing my uncle and his co-worker at Nuveen, a financial asset management company in Princeton, NJ. Part of marketing is public relations, and I got a glimpse of this as I observed Mr. David drafting tweets that would eventually be posted under my uncle’s Twitter handle. He had a spreadsheet which organized the written content, a picture if one was to be used, and the total number of characters. Later, he showed me a web site he was working on. The last part of the day included listening in on a conference call between Mr. Davis and seven others in the marketing department to brainstorm ideas for an attention-grabbing headline for an article about Nuveen. I am now sold on marketing as my major. I loved everything that I observed.

Dock grad Brian Anderson '18 job shadows during Senior Experience week,

Brian Anderson

Today I met with Joseph Yu, a recent college graduate who was working at PJM Interconnection. He recently graduated from Penn State and had been working at PJM for about a year. His team is focused on making sure applications and other programs the company uses are safe. They try to find the SPOF (single point of failure) in these applications so they can fix them to protect the company. He took me to a meeting where they discussed changes that need to be made to the server or the network that may affect certain applications. Afterwards, he showed me a research paper he was working on for the team, on a concept called blockchain, which is basically a different way of storing important information so that it can’t be hacked. It was interesting to see how he can directly affect the company even though he doesn’t have a really high position.

Isaiah Denlinger

There were a lot of enjoyable things about this trip, but nothing beat meeting the kids. There was one kid I related well with, his name was Franklin. He lived in the poorest part of town. On the last day, he was giving everyone hugs, but when he got to me he jumped into my arms and started crying and saying things in Spanish. The only thing I go out of it was, ‘I will miss you, my friend.’ Meeting Franklin and the other kids made this trip awesome.

Austin Kratz

The special thing about this day was that, when we got back, the leader of the ranch, Julie, gave her testimony. She talked about where she grew up and how she ended up in Mexico, doing what she’s doing now. She said she hopes to have over 40 kids at some point. That was really inspiring, and gave me a lot to think about.