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Superintendent's Letter - September 3, 2020

Dear Dock Parents and Students,

We are delighted to have most of our Dock students physically back on campus again! While  “school” has been different this fall, the social interactions and relationships are helping fill a void from these past months. Face coverings and social distancing are the norm. Remote learners continue to connect with classmates and teachers, although some remote learners are moving back on campus next week. We welcomed 120 new students to Dock this year.

Our teachers and staff have worked hard to prepare for the school year. We are grateful for their flexibility, love, and care for our students. They are truly essential workers!

As of today, we have 0 known positive COVID-19 cases among students and employees. We are grateful for such a positive report through our first 11 days of school. While this may change throughout the year, we celebrate our beginning.

Our school families have been diligent in screening for symptoms before students leave home. Thank you! Keeping students with symptoms at home, wearing face coverings, increased attention to cleaning, and social distancing have helped keep our school community healthy. Face coverings have been a visible sign that we care about more than just ourselves. We care for everyone else in our school community. Thank you for your encouragement of students to help keep everyone safe. Please continue your diligence in this effort to keep our students on campus this fall!

We hope you have a great weekend and break. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing students back on campus on Tuesday!

Dr. Conrad Swartzentruber


"I just want to take a moment to say thank you. It is obvious that Dock has spent time and prepared a plan that takes into account the many different thoughts, opinions, concerns, and frustrations of all families during this pandemic. While it is impossible to please everyone, it is clear the two options you have outlined have the biggest probability of satisfying the majority of your families. Providing two options is so refreshing and I realize this will be much extra work for your staff and teachers…thank you! This will be our oldest child's first year at the school, and we could not be more pleased with our choice of Dock!" 

Dock Elementary Family

"I am confident in the decisions made by the administration, board and pandemic team. There are two options, on-campus learning or remote learning, for Early Childhood through 12th grade. Thank you, Dock administrators, for spending your summer planning for the fall. I know many families from other schools are concerned about the options available to them. Dock has a large facility with a smaller number of students, so safety, academics, and social interactions will not be compromised!"

Dock high school parent