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Dock's mission at maturity

Senior Presentations and Commencement offer a glimpse into the difference a Dock education makes for our students.

"We have now graduated three children through Dock Mennonite Academy. We give thanks to God for the friends, faculty, and experiences that have shaped each of our children. It is so rewarding to see what God has created in them.  

From establishing a Christian foundation in grade school, to encouraging and creating service opportunities, to living out their faith in high school, Dock has partnered with us as our children have matured over the past 16 years.  

We are filled with many emotions: sadness, that this formative part of their lives is now over; joy, knowing they are prepared to take on the next part of their journey; and wonder, thinking about what God has planned for their future. 

Three down, one to go. We will continue to 'redeem the time' over these next two years, as our last child prepares for his post-high school journey."

Dock parents Howard and Bonnie Anderson

Stay on top of what's happening at Dock Mennonite Academy

News and featured events from both the EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses

Early Childhood to Grade 8 Campus

This Gem will be hard to replace

This Gem will be hard to replace

When a teacher like Mrs. Gem Miller retires, thoughts often turn first to the number of students she taught and nurtured over her 36-year teaching career. For Gem, that number is well north of 1,000—until you begin counting the students she has influenced indirectly or through her encouragement of other teachers.

“Gem has been one of my mentors throughout the years,” says colleague Mrs. Sarah Price. “When I was in middle school, I would love when Gem would drive (twin sister) Meghan and I to and from school. Hanging out in her classroom is what prompted me to consider a career in education.” Gem’s classroom “has always been focused on providing the most successful spiritual, academic, and social atmosphere for every child,” she adds. “She helped children develop their relationships with one another, and nurtured them as peacebuilders.”

“Gem is an encourager to her students and fellow teachers,” says another colleague, Mrs. Bev Guengerich, who taught with Gem for 20 years. “She has an artistic flair to take any classroom and make it come alive with color and student work. She unselfishly shares her ideas and her hand-outs—not to mention the wisdom of her experiences collected during her many years of teaching.” Mrs. Guengerich remembers many fun adventures with Mrs. Miller, like Dock’s annual 100th day of school tradition, where students and faculty dress according to the styles of yesterday. But even the adventures that weren’t as fun at the time—returning from a field trip and sweating out a two-hour accident delay on the Pennsylvania turnpike with 60 students—become unforgettable memories.

“Dock has been so blessed by the gifts of Gem Miller,” says EC-Grade 8 Campus Principal Mrs. Bronwyn Histand. “She has built countless classroom communities where each child feels loved and nurtured, where students learn together and support each other. She is a beloved mentor and colleague who has teamed with many teachers and staff over the years to make teaching and learning a rewarding experience for everyone.”

It has been an honor to work with you, Gem, and we pray God's rich blessings on this new season of your life!

More photos of Gem

The Pringles Ringle Challenge

Students in Mrs. Reichley’s 8th grade Honors Physical Science class used nothing but physics and Pringles in the Pringles Ringle Challenge: To construct a standing ring of Pringles. No small potatoes, but we doubt there's any evidence—beyond these photos—that this experiment ever took place!

More photos

Kindergarten End of Year Celebration

Kindergarten students were joined by their teachers, families, and friends for a fabulous end-of-year Celebration! Whoopsie and Daisy the clowns delighted students with a great show, followed by snacks and fun on the playground. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Quirk even got a special necklace and hat as part of the show—a fantastic way to end a great year in Kindergarten!

More photos

An explosion of (watermelon) flavor

What's a great way to celebrate the last day of school? At the Grades 9-12 Campus, some seniors have a splash in Groff Pond. On the EC-Grade 8 Campus, however, only an exploding watermelon will do.

On Thursday, the last day of school, 8th grade homerooms competed to see which class could explode a watermelon fastest using only rubber bands. It's a messy experiment, but with delicious results!

Watch the video


Dock's elementary mathletes

Dock 4th and 5th grade students recently competed against other schools in the region in the 24 Game Math Tournament at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. Congratulations to these students who did a great job representing Dock (l to r): Braden Seeley, Matthew Mast, Ryan Merrill, Kaleb Kristiansen, and Corbin Tenney.

Buddy Bench becomes a reality

Have you heard the extraordinary story about Dock's new Buddy Bench? What began as a 5th grade class idea to respond to playground loneliness became a school-wide project to show compassion for others. Mrs. Brenda Shelly, school nurse on the EC-Grade 8 Campus and our designated blogger, has the full story and all the photos in our blog, The Window.

Open The Window

Principal for a Day

Dock 4th grade student Gracie Longacre was the 2018 Auction winner of "Principal for a Day"! Gracie spent the day with Principal Mrs. Bronwyn Histand and exclaimed it was her best day ever! Gracie spent time in classrooms, had lunch with students in the cafeteria, and even took in some events at Middle School  Field Day. Nice job, Gracie!

More photos

8th graders visit DC

In early May, the 8th grade made their annual trek to Washington DC. All the students and chaperones arrived on time by 6:30 a.m. We began our day with a group prayer and quickly got on our way. As we rode down to DC, the students got to watch the DVDs of their 2nd and 4th grade musicals. It was fun to watch the students react to what they looked like back then and sing along with the songs. 

We switched up the trip this year and started our adventure at the National Museum of the Native American, complete with an authentic meal. The buffalo was delicious! Next, we made our way to the Newseum. Here we got to see many interesting exhibits related to the daily news past and present. The Time photos were incredible to view. Our afternoon included a walk around the National Monuments. The Lincoln Memorial was a favorite for many of the students. After a long day, we enjoyed a baseball game at National’s Park complete with a free bag giveaway. We arrived at our hotel a little after 11 p.m., making it a very long 18-hour day for many.

After a good night’s sleep and a solid breakfast, the students were up and ready to go by 8 a.m.  We spent our second day at Mount Vernon, including a tour of George Washington’s home. We arrived safely back in Pennsylvania around 5 p.m. It was a fast two days, but an educational and exciting trip for everyone.

More photos

Grades 9 to 12 Campus

Dock senior attends global business conference in Singapore

Dock student Zach Whitehair ('19) joined high school students from 70 other countries at the National Student Leadership Conference in Singapore June 15-24, where the emphasis was on international business. NSLC was held on the campus of Yale-NUS, a partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore. The NSLC program allows students to explore the transformation to a global economy and wrestle with issues confronting multinational businesses. Zach and his peers learned how to think globally to tackle the major challenges facing business leaders today.

Dock students awarded scholarships

Dock seniors Marques Brockington and Heyan (Rebecca) Xiao were awarded $2,000 scholarships by the Souderton-Telford Rotary ClubLeon Moyer, president of the Rotary Club and retired President and CEO of Univest Bank & Trust, presented the awards.

The Rotary scholarships are awarded to students who plan to study Art, Journalism, Communications, English and Literature or Social Studies at a four-year college or university and then pursue a career in a similar field.  Marques will attend Eastern University in the fall, while Rebecca will attend New York University.

Kabakjian excels in 4-Way Speech

Dock senior Daniel Kabakjian took first place at both the local and regional levels, and finished 4th at the district level, in the recent Four-Way Test Speech Contest sponsored by the Harleysville and Souderton-Telford Rotary Clubs. Kabakjian competed against students from five other high schools to reach the regional level.

The Four Way Test Speech Contest is a competition for 9th to 12th graders, requiring each participant to create and present a 5- to 7-minute speech on a subject of their choice, applying the Four-Way Test to guide their thinking and their actions:

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


Dock to livestream Commencement

Dock is pleased to announce that the school will livestream this weekend's Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. Baccalaureate will be held Friday, June 8, starting at 7:30 p.m., while our 63rd Annual Commencement ceremony will begin on Saturday, June 9, at 6:00 p.m.  

There will be two ways to connect:

YouTube Live at at

Both of these livestream links have been tested successfully, but as this is our first public livestream event, we invite your feedback. Please send your comments to

Dock says thank you to Chick-fil-A


Dock offered a special thank you to Chick-fil-A Lansdale recently for their generous support of our school this year. Chick-fil-A Leader Academy senior representatives Sammy DiLoreto and Melea Ruth presented a thank you gift to Dawn Montgomery Friel, operator of Chick-fil-A Lansdale, for her generous sponsorship of our high school students in the program this year. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to teach students servant leadership in our community!

Pictured (l to r) Kathy Gordon, Dock Director of Marketing, senior Sammy DiLoretoDawn Montgomery Friel, operator of Chick-fil-A Lansdale, senior Melea Ruth, and Dock Director of Admissions Doug Hackman.

Right place, right time

Part of being a great photographer involves developing your skills with the camera and lens; another part involves being in the right place at the right time. Dock senior Laura Olsen got both right this morning during Photography class when she shot these five frames of a red-tailed hawk moments after it captured a squirrel. The hawk likely lives in a nest atop one of the tall trees behind Detweiler House. Great job, Laura—you even got him to smile for the camera!

See all five shots

Senior Presentation schedule posted

In addition to the Commencement ceremony itself, the Senior Presentation is a signature event marking the transition from high school to the next season of life for Dock students. As part of the Communications class curriculum, every graduating senior at Dock gives a 20-minute oral presentation at the end of the year in which they reflect on their high school years and the ways they have grown academically, socially, and spiritually.

This year, those presentations will be held on June 4, 5, and 6. Family and friends are invited to support our students with your attendance.

View and download the Senior Presentation schedule

Seeking Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure classes led by faculty members Mrs. Darla Bergey and Mr. Matt Moyer hit the road in late May to Lake Nockamixon for some instruction in canoeing and kayaking as well as boating safety. We had great weather for our afternoon trip to the lake, and students were able to explore a water area much larger than the Dock pond! Thanks to Camp Men-o-Lan for the use of their canoes! 

More photos

EC to Grade 8 Calendar

EC-Grade 8 Calendar

There are no events to display

Grades 9 to 12 Calendar

Grades 9-12 Calendar

All-School News

Honor Roll announced for both campuses
Honor Roll announced for both campuses

Dock Mennonite Academy has announced its Honor Roll for the fourth quarter of the 2017-18 school year. Congratulations to all of our Middle School and High School students who worked hard to earn this recognition!

Visit the Honor Roll page on the Dock web site



Dock announces 2018-19 calendar
Dock announces 2018-19 calendar

Looking for important dates in the 2018-19 school year? Dock Mennonite Academy has released its tentative 2018-19 planning calendar. Download a printable copy here.




Dock to livestream Commencement
Dock to livestream Commencement

Dock is pleased to announce that the school will livestream this weekend's Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. Baccalaureate will be held Friday, June 8, starting at 7:30 p.m., while our 63rd Annual Commencement ceremony will begin on Saturday, June 9, at 6:00 p.m.  

There will be two ways to connect:

YouTube Live at at

Both of these livestream links have been tested successfully, but as this is our first public livestream event, we invite your feedback. Please send your comments to

A busy spring for Dock faculty
A busy spring for Dock faculty

Faculty at Dock Mennonite Academy strive to inspire students to become life-long learners. One of the best ways they can do that is to model life-long learning themselves. Many of our faculty members have invested themselves in a variety of professional development activities this spring. Here are just a few examples:

  • On April 28, seven Dock Mennonite Academy teachers traveled to Chatham, NJ, for a full day "Nerd Camp" focused on literacy for grades K-12. The "Nerd Camp" consisted of over 50 workshop options for teachers to attend with sessions featuring authors discussing their books, writing seminars, library resources and student engagement strategies. Several keynote speakers addressed the attendees including Penny Kittle, author of Book Love and 180 Days, which are being used as mentor texts at the high school for redesigning the English curriculum. An additional powerful keynote speaker was Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, a first grade teacher who survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in December of 2012. Faculty attending included (pictured above, l to r) Mrs. Joan Grega, Mrs. Kathy Moyer, Mrs. Joy Thomas, Mrs. Kelly Kratz, Mrs. Kipp GlassMrs. Kaci Hunsberger and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Sharon Fransen.


  • High school English and Learning Support instructors, along with Dock's Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, shared eight Friday lunches in recent months to discuss literacy expert Penny Kittle's text, Book Love. The book focuses on the concept that many students have lost the joy of reading, in part due to English instructional material mandated by schools and states. Many of the curriculums do not foster interest in reading for 21st century students. Mrs. Kittle advocates for student personal choice in selecting literature and writing opportunities. By incorporating student choice of what they read, we as educators can increase reading fluency, speed, stamina and depth of content. A blend of teacher guided novels and materials are also inserted into instruction as well as inviting strategies to get students excited about reading and writing. The Lunch Book Club attendees included Mrs. Gretchen McTavish, Mrs. Kathy Moyer, Mrs. Rebecca Nagy, Mrs. Joan Grega and Dr. Sharon Fransen.


  • In April, Mrs. Joan Grega and Mrs. Rebecca Nagy attended a full day Intermediate Unit conference entitled Writing with the "Write Guy," by nationally known literacy author, Jeff Anderson. Mr. Anderson, author of multiple books on how to engage children and young adults in the writing process, provided twentieth century techniques for motivating students to write creatively and with clarity and extensive vocabulary. Some of his techniques are already being used in Dock's high school classrooms.


  • In March, Mr. Darwin Zehr, Ms. Carolyn Burgman, Mrs. Joy Thomas, Mrs. Claire Wanamaker, Mr. Marcelo Mast, Mr. Jeff Hackman, Mr.Zach Bower, and Mrs. Kathy Moyer attended the first annual Schoology ConnectPA at the Lancaster-Lebanon intermediate unit. As Dock continues to use Schoology as our primary electronic platform for school related communication and course materials, the conference provided a variety of speakers and workshops focused on many resources that Schoology has to offer.  Participants had over 25 sessions to choose from to learn and collaborate using instructional strategies focused on student learning within the Schoology system.


  • Dr. Annabella Silver Moon successfully completed two courses at Montgomery County Community College: Educational Psychology, and Safety/First Aid.


  • From January to April, Mr. Jeff Hackman took an online course through Eastern Mennonite University called "Creating a Tech-Rich Classroom." It was taught by Timothy Taylor of Woodstock, VA. Students were introduced to many online and technological tools to enhance the classroom experience. Projects were designed to be practical. We implemented several of the new tools and skills into classes we are currently teaching.


  • In February 2018 Mrs. Shelley Berg was invited by the Conn-Selmer Music Instrument Company and Zeswitz Music to become a Conn-Selmer VIP. She traveled to Elkhart, IN, the home of the last American-made band and orchestra instrument manufacturer, to experience in-depth factory tours to  see how band instruments are made. She also networked with members of Conn-Selmer’s Division of Education staff and other band directors from southeastern Pennsylvania. 


  • Mrs. Rose Lambright and Mrs. Melanie Baker attended the Pennsylvania Family and Consumer Sciences annual conference April 6-7 in Scranton, PA.  This year's conference was titled, "Accountability, Balance, and Collaboration."  Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Lambright heard speakers from various colleges and businesses focusing on topics ranging from brain development in the teenager to making sushi in the classroom.  There was variety and depth in the programming.


  • Additionally, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Lambright attended the Montgomery-Bucks Family and Consumer Sciences Winter Warm-up at the Culinary Institute of Montgomery County Community College and the Spring Meeting at The Metropolitan.


  • Mr. Caleb Benner took three courses (Data-Informed Educational Leadership, Research Methods and Education, and Teachers as Action Researchers) as he works towards a Masters in Faith-Based Education at Bluffton University. As part of the program, he conducted a research study with his freshman Bible classes studying how effectively Scripture memorization and Lectio Divina help students make personal connections with the Bible.



Dock featured on Fox29 segment
Dock featured on Fox29 segment

Dock Mennonite Academy was in the spotlight this morning on Fox29's Good Day Philadelphia, as students and staff were featured in a "Town Takeover" segment promoting the Country Fair & Auction coming up May 18-19. Fox29 personality Bob Kelly was filming the segment from the Souderton Family Restaurant on Main Street in Souderton. Congratulations to students and staff for representing Dock well!

Arts News

Senior Recital

Dock hosted its annual Senior Recital on Tuesday, May 29 in Clemens Theater, followed by a reception and art display in Longacre Commons. Our talented seniors provided a great evening of music and art!

Performances included:

Clair de Lune, Claude Debussy
Rachel Li

Sonata #3 in F Major, 2nd movement, G. F. Handel
Mikayla Frederick

The Light in the Piazza, Adam Guettel
Emily Bennett, Paul Bennett

No One is Alone, Stephen Sondheim
Isaac Longacre

Suite Antique, John Rutter 
Livia Anderson, Paul Anderson

7 Years, Lukas Graham
The Outside World, Karen Mok
Jackie Jiang, Rachel Li, Swan Yang

Pray, Sam Smith
Charret Ho

The Banana Song, from Despicable Me
McKenzie Gordon, Rebecca Xiao, Rachel Li

Jam #6, The Off Switch
Levi Longacre

The Last Goodbye, Billy Boyd
Alex Martin

Something Like This (cover by Facing West), The Chainsmokers & Coldplay 
Mikayla Frederick, Abby Nice, Lauren Ness, 
Molly Hand, Carsyn McCloskey, Chris Keach

Never Enough, Pasek & Paul
Carsyn McCloskey


Download the Senior Recital program

Elementary Spring Concert

Dock's EC-Grade 8 Campus held its Elementary Spring Concert on Tuesday, May 8, and it featured something for everyone. Performing were the Beginner and Elementary Orchestras, 3rd Grade Recorder Ensemble, 4th Grade Band, 5th Grade Band, 5th Grade Orff Ensemble, and 5th Grade Ukelele Ensemble. Thanks to our talented students as well as our fantastic music department—Mrs. Shelley Berg, Mrs. Katie Litzenberger, and Mrs Laura Landes—as well as Ms. Carolyn Burgman, who provided audio-visual expertise.

Visit the Spring Concert web page for complete program and more photos

Dock students display their art

Artwork created by Dock students is now on display at two different events in the community:

  • More than 420 pieces of art by students in Developmental Kindergarten to 4th grade will be on display through the month of May in the children's wing at the Indian Valley Public Library in Telford. There is an opening reception TONIGHT, Monday, May 7, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. featuring refreshments and prizes! The IVPL is located at 100 East Church Avenue, Telford, PA 18969. Hours are Monday-Thursday 9 AM-9 PM, Friday 10 AM - 9 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM, and Sunday 1 - 5 PM.


  • Dock art students and their families kicked off the school's annual Intergenerational Art Show with a reception on May 1 at the Mennonite Heritage Center in Harleysville. The art show runs through May 25. Make time to stop by and see the beautiful artwork by both students and their family members. A special thanks to art teacher Mrs. Alice Keppley for putting this wonderful event together! The Mennonite Heritage Center is located at 565 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA, 19438. Hours are Tuesday - Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM. 215.256.3020

See additional photos from the Intergenerational Art Show

Spring drama photos posted

Performance photos from Dock's spring drama, "The Stories We Tell Ourselves," have been posted to the production's page on the Dock web site.

Dock Theater performed three contemporary one-act plays April 26-28 in Clemens Theater. Video of Saturday night's performances will be posted later this week.

Showcase! celebrates the arts

Showcase! 2018, an all-day adjudicated fine arts festivalwas held on Friday, April 27. Showcase!! highlighted the talents of Dock middle school students who excel in performing, visual, fiber, and culinary arts. All ensembles, speakers, soloists, and artists received a rating of Superior, Excellent, or Good for their performances or artwork, as determined by a panel of expert judges.

Visit the Showcase web page for results and photos



Athletics News

Senior athletes announce college plans

Photo: Lowell Swartley

The Dock Mennonite Academy Athletic Department held a press conference on Wednesday, May 2, to recognize nine student-athletes who have committed to playing their sport at the college level.

"These athletes have developed their God-given abilities in preparation for successful team experiences as part of the Dock mission," said Dock Athletic Director Tim Ehst. "We believe their experience with Dock athletics has helped shape them in ways that extend well beyond their athletic successes." The press conference also included a video showcasing each student-athlete, highlights of their high school athletic careers, and a reception to celebrate their recognition.

Student-athletes recognized include:

Olivia Boyle – NCAA D2 – Field Hockey – University of New Haven 

Molly Hand – NCAA D2 – Volleyball – Jefferson University

David Keller – NCAA D2 – Baseball – Lock Haven University 

Austin Kratz – NCAA D1 – Track and Field – Arizona State University

Alex Martin – NCAA D2 –Track and Field – Seton Hill University

Misrahim Nyagwegwe – NCAA D3 – Basketball – Eastern Mennonite University 

Hayden Phillips – NCAA D3 – Soccer – Cairn University

Caleb Pfleiger – NCAA D3 – Basketball – St. John Fisher College

McKenzie Swartley – NCAA D3 – Soccer – Messiah College

Photo credits: Top, right—Lowell Swartley; below—Jay Gordon

Kratz dominates in California

The races moved outdoors and across the country, but the results were largely the same: Austin Kratz continues to outrun his competitors. Last weekend at the Arcadia Invitational in Arcadia, CA, Austin brought home double gold. He won the 100M invitational race in 10.34, almost a tenth of a second better than his rival, Eric Allen Jr. of Bullis HS in Maryland. Barely 90 minutes later, Austin turned on the jets to win the 200M in a new personal record 20.74. Allen again finished second, this time two-tenths of a second behind at 20.94.Congratulations to Austin on another amazing performance, and a great start to his outdoor track season!

New socks for Down Syndrome Awareness

Dock volleyballers had fun decorating socks for Down Syndrome Awareness Day, which was March 21. Although the team did not get to wear their socks on the court that day because of snow, the purpose of generating awareness for Down Syndrome was served. Nice job, gentlemen!

"These young men are truly remarkable, both on and off the court, reminding us that we can use sports in very positive ways," said Palmer Trolli, Dock's Athletic Director Assistant. "Their biggest fan, Ben (brother to Noah, Rachel, and Jake Shreiner), truly inspires this team."

Dock unveils "new" athletic identity

Dock Mennonite Academy has unveiled a new athletic identity, and it will be at once completely familiar and yet brand new for students and alumni.

Over the last year, the athletics, marketing, and admissions teams at Dock have worked to discern what the school's athletic identity should be going forward, with a goal to strengthen our marketing efforts in the athletic arena. This morning, in chapels at both the Middle School and Grades 9-12 campuses, Director of Admissions Doug Hackman revealed to the Dock community the results of this journey.

The process began with a survey that was sent to parents, alumni, coaches, faculty, and students regarding whether we should move forward with our existing athletic identity, the Pioneers, or select a new athletic identity. A strong majority of survey respondents indicated that Dock should continue to be the Pioneers.

Based on this feedback, we began working with designers on new athletic logos. A variety of logo submissions were tested with different groups. Again, we worked with parents, alumni, coaches, faculty, and students in this process.

The logo that we selected rated well with all constituent groups. It rated particularly well with athletes that recently graduated, and current athletes at the high school and middle school level, which made us feel confident to move ahead with our decision.

"I have appreciated the leadership of [Athletic Director] Tim Ehst in this process," said Hackman. "He has helped ensure that our athletic department represents who we are and what we value as a school, in particular emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship and how lessons learned on the field translate to who we are when we leave this place."

"Dock has been known as the Pioneers from the moment we began competing in athletics in the mid-1960s," said Ehst. "The new logo preserves the positive associations so many of our former student-athletes have, but infuses the brand with new energy that captures our passion to compete at the highest levels."

The Dock community will begin seeing the new identity being used in a variety of ways, including our athletics website, t-shirts, gym floors, and as a springboard to creating a mascot that will build enthusiasm and energy at "big games" and other events.

Watch the identity reveal announcement in chapel (up to 2:50)

Austin Kratz sets PA record in the 200M

By now you have probably heard that Dock Mennonite Academy is home to one of the fastest runners in the state—and perhaps the entire country. Senior Austin Kratz recently set the indoor record for Pennsylvania in the 200 meters last weekend, running 21.04 seconds in the SPIRE Invitational in Ohio. Austin is now nationally ranked in the 50M, 200M and 300M, and has been setting PRs (Personal Records) almost every time out during his fantastic winter track season, but has taken it all in stride and continues to be grounded in faith, family and academics. Congratulations to Austin and his coaches—keep up the great work!

Watch a recent interview with Austin broadcast nationwide on MileSplit here