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Campus & Facilities

One school, two campuses

Dock Mennonite Academy is blessed to have two beautiful campus locations with first-rate facilities at each—many of which are available to the public for rental.


Detweiler House

Detweiler House, also known as the main office, is the center of our beautiful campus here at Dock. Once home to a portion of the Underground Railroad, the building dates back to the early 19th century. Inside Detweiler House, you'll find a welcoming smile from receptionist Lindsay Stout, along with a few other faces such as Doug Hackman (principal), Bob Rutt (Director of Advancement), and Cody Powis (Advancement Assistant). These people are what make our school thrive, all from inside this historic building. 


Rosenberger Academic Center is among the newest additions to our campus. In the fall of 2006, the Rosenberger Academic Center became formally accessible to students. This academic center has a variety of sections that Dock students use to further their education, and most students do so. Before the year 2006, Grebel Hall, a considerably older and more significant structure, served as a time capsule for Dock Academy's past. It was originally simply a regular old barn, but in the 1950s, it underwent various changes to become separate classrooms for teaching.

Current Dock student Katelyn Newell (‘23), shared about her favorite place in the newly built academic center. “I love to soak up the sun with my friends in the big glass windows. It’s a great place to go during lunch when we want to relax”. Another Dock student, Cameron Lesuer ('24), shared about his favorite class in Rosenberger, “I enjoyed taking chemistry with Mrs. Smith because I loved the hands-on experiments, which really helped me learn the material”. Students utilize various parts of this building, including the daily Stick-ball game played by a large group of guys throughout all grades, which takes place on the lawn outside of the building every day half way through lunch. 

Dielman Hall


Built in 1963, this building provided the school with a dedicated cafeteria, gym, and chapel.It was the first new structure built by the school. Countless important events have happened in this edifice from graduation and district basketball games, to the simpler daily things like lunch and chapel. In 1977-78, An additional six classrooms were added to Clemens which currently house the music department and Milagre School. Named after Paul R. Clemens, a founding member of the school, this building continues to be a center of campus life.

Sixty years after its construction, Clemens center is still used extensively. The cafeteria is used daily for both breakfast and lunch by students and for meetings of many different groups in the school. The Auditorium is used for chapel three times a week and the gym is used for floor hockey. At the end of the 2021-22 school year, new tables and chairs were installed in the cafeteria to replace the old ones from the 60s. Clemens is such an important building to both Dock in the current day and CDMHS in the past. (Written by Micah Mast (‘23)

Art Building

Sports Facilities

Groff Pond


EC to Grade 8 Campus

Early Childhood to Grade 8

420 Godshall Road

Souderton, PA, 18964


Grades 9 to 12 Campus

Grades 9 to 12

1000 Forty Foot Road

Lansdale, PA 19446