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Two Campuses. One Community.

From the first day of preschool until graduation, each Dock student is nurtured by a community that serves as an extension of family. Teachers are caring and supportive. Parents are thoughtful and involved. Peers inspire and encourage. At Dock you will find a true community of learners.

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Dock Newsroom

Middle School Project Fair
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

Dock middle school students displayed the results of some of their learning to family and friends at Dock Project Fair 2019. Projects and demonstrations included 6th grade Tiny House and Social Studies projects, 7th grade Health and Computer Projects, and 8th grade Innovation Arcade, Reading/Writing, CO2 cars, & Phys Ed games. All work showcased at the fair reflected sustained student inquiry, creativity and deep learning.

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Dock students chosen for PMEA Festival
  • Arts News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

Eden Loux, Kaitlyn Good and Corbin Tenney have been selected to participate in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 11 Elementary Band Festival. They will be joining over 100 of the top music students from Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and will rehearse and present a concert on Friday, January 25 at Upper Perkiomen High School. Congratulations to these outstanding musicians! 

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Hands-on learning about solar energy
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock students now have a hands-on learning opportunity about alternative energy right in their Environmental Science classroom, thanks to a generous donation from Bergey's Electric. Over the Christmas break, Bergey's installed a solar panel in Ms. Valerie Metzler's classroom that will provide real-time data so that students can learn more about solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels and other energy sources.

While Bergey's donated the panel itself and the labor to install it, other equipment for the installation was purchased with the David Souder Endowment Fund. Souder was a member of the Class of 1963, which funded the endowment and continues to oversee its use. In previous years, the endowment has funded science projects ranging from a rain garden that protects the tennis court side of Groff Pond, to lab kits that allow students to study a wide variety of environmental events, including heat and climate change, groundwater, physical and chemical properties of soil, and others.

"We are grateful for Dale Bergey’s commitment to this project and the generosity of Bergey’s Electric," said Dock Director of Advancement Robert Rutt.

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January Guidance Office Newsletter
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Financial Aid and College Planning Information


Parents of seniors, it is time to start the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process. It is essential that you fill out this form for your student to qualify for need-based loans, grants, and scholarships. The state deadline is May 1, 2019 and the Federal deadline is June 30, 2019. We highly recommend that you complete the FAFSA as soon as possible.  The electronic version can be found at www.Fafsa.ed.gov. You may request a paper copy of the FAFSA by calling: 1-800-433-3243.

Funding Higher Education

Beyond High School:  www.studentaid.ed.gov/guide. This website gives comprehensive details about federal student aid programs.

Students with a Disability
According to Clark in U.S. News 2010, there are 8 steps for a child with disabilities to use to prepare for college.  Along with diligence, creativity, and resilience, the student should:

  1.  Prepare early by taking college prep classes
    1. Study strategies
    2. Test-taking
    3. Time management
  2. Have knowledge of technology
    1. As simple as spell check to diction pens
    2. Screen readers
    3. Diction software
  3. Be creative (If a student struggles with taking a foreign language, perhaps sign language could work.)
  4. Take charge
    1. Advocate for self
    2. Be prepared to know what to ask for
  5. Research college options
  6. Formal documentation should be 3 years old or less – Plan ahead!
  7. Focus on the positive
  8. Consider extra help- this may be included in the college tuition or it may be an added cost.


Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-Secondary Education: Know your Risks and Responsibilities: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/transition.html

Need Cash for College? Now is the time to start thinking about applying for scholarships! Check out our Scholarship List  on the Guidance Office page of our school's website. It includes college scholarships and scholarships available to the public.

A good resource for scholarships is the college you plan to attend.  Ask your college admissions counselor what scholarships you qualify for. Research the college site and actively look for information relating to scholarships. The college financial aid office is also a good place to obtain information.


PSAT Results

PSAT results are available online at www.collegeboard.com. Mr. Kabakjian and Mrs. Leaman spent time reviewing test results with students the week prior to Christmas break. Please see your counselor if you have not received a copy of your results or if you have questions about them.

Quick Start from College Board

My College QuickStart is an easy-to-use, online, personalized college and career planning kit available free of charge to all students who take the PSAT/NMSQT. The information and answers your child provided when they took the test are incorporated into this useful tool. It presents their data back to them in four main parts:

My Online Score Report – an enhanced score report that allows the student to review each test question, the student's answer, and the correct answer with answer explanations.

My SAT Study Plan – a customized SAT study plan based on student PSAT/NMSQT test performance, highlighting skills for review and practice.

My College Matches – a starter list of colleges based on the student's state and indicated choice of major.

My Major and Career Matches – major and career matches that are compatible with the student's general interests and personality type.

Access is available using the access code printed on the student's PSAT paper score report; This tool can be utilized throughout high school. Using My College Quick-Start together with your child is a great way to introduce and guide your child through important aspects of the college selection process. To access, visit www.collegeboard.com/quickstart.


SAT Information

The SAT should be taken by college-bound students in the spring of their junior year or fall of their senior year. The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at www.Collegeboard.com. Students should set up an account with College Board. This will give them access to many tools that are available to support SAT preparation and the college search. There are also helps for parents. This is a recommended site for college-bound students and their parents.

SAT testing dates and registration deadlines are as follows:

Test Date                      Registration Deadline

March 9, 2019              February 8, 2019

May 4, 2018                 April 5, 2019

June 1, 2018                 May 3, 2019 

Any sophomore or junior in learning support who has not been to the guidance office to request the paperwork for SAT accommodations should do so as soon as possible. The process with the College Board can take as long as 8 to 12 weeks. Current educational testing is a requirement for the accommodation request to be approved. It is recommended that educational testing be no more than 3 years old for college services.


AP Testing

Any student who is not currently enrolled in an AP class and wishes to take an AP exam, should see Mr. Kabakjian in the Guidance Office for more information and to register.

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Dock's first-ever Experiential Learning Day
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock held its first-ever Experiential Learning Day on Friday, January 4, for grades 9, 10, and 11. Students had both half-day and full-day options for on- and off-campus learning experiences, and were able to sign up for the activity of their choice.

"At Dock we realize that significant learning happens outside the traditional classroom, so we planned a day for experiential learning," said Dr. Sharon Fransen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. "We know students learn about the world and other peoples through innovative experiences, play, and reflection. We envisioned a day where teachers would share areas of expertise or passion, and students would learn something not found in our formal programming."

Experiential learning is the process of learning through participation rather than by listening to a lecture or reading about a topic. Learning opportunities for Dock students ranged from Spanish language immersion to tours of the National Liberty Museum and Penn Museum in Philadelphia, sustainable farming practices, shooting and editing better photographs, creative writing workshops, and many others.

Dock's first Experiential Learning Day was held the same week that seniors were off campus doing some experiential learning of their own during Senior Experience—a full week of job shadowing and/or service opportunities that help many seniors discern college and vocational interests.

Dr. Fransen said it's possible that Experiential Learning Day could be expanded in the future.

"Some schools have a 'mini-term' with several days of experiential learning in which activities are planned around one topic," she said. "We may try that in the future, but this year we got a taste of what that could be like for us as a school community. It was exciting to learn together."

View an Experiential Day slide show


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Students vs Teachers on the ClassH-Room
  • All School News
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock's high school episode of the game show, The ClassH-Room aired on Thursday, December 20 on Philly Fox 29. If you missed our edition of the popular game show, you can now watch it at the link below—as well as the episode featuring our middle school students, which aired two weeks ago.

The ClassH-Room is a trivia-based game show for teachers and students in grades 7-12. Each episode features students and teachers from the same school, competing against each other to try to win funds for their chosen charities. The show airs weekdays at 12 noon.

As a result of our participation on Philly Fox 29's The ClassH-Room, Dock shared our $1,000 winnings from both episodes with two charities, Keystone Opportunity Center and Mennonite Disaster Service. That's what you call a "win-win"!

Watch Dock Middle School on the ClassH-Room

Watch Dock High School on the ClassH-Room

Did you read our blog post about the ClassH-Room? 


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Learning to sew...and serve
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Every year, in Mrs. Lambright's Fabrics and Fashions I and II classes, students do a service project. Sewing school kits in Fabrics and Fashions I works well because students can learn to use their sewing machine while they help others. In Fabrics and Fashions II, Mrs. Lambright encourages students to try something a little more complicated. This year the class made layettes that were given to the Mennonite Resource Center for relief distribution. Sharon Swartzendruber, executive director at MRC, has been helpful in partnering with Mrs. Lambright's classes.

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Students show Christmas spirit on Fox29
  • All School News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

Dock Middle School Student Council officers and ClassHroom contestants took a field trip December 12 to shop for health and beauty care items and cleaning products for those in need in our community. After their shopping spree, students proceeded to Keystone Opportunity Center and presented the much-needed items they had purchased, along with another check for $250. The donations were made possible with the $500 prize money students received from their appearance on Fox 29's ClassHroom game show. It was exciting to see our students decide to donate to those in need in our community, and reporter Bruce Gordon FOX 29 did a great job covering the story!

Watch the Fox 29 report

Photos from the field trip

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Dock Cooks 2018 crowns pumpkin champs
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Nestled chronologically between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Dock Cooks 2018 culinary competition found the perfect seasonally appropriate theme: Anything and Everything Pumpkin. Dock Cooks features teams of student chefs competing to create scrumptious (and beautiful) dishes that will win over the taste buds of faculty judges.

Once again, our student chefs did not disappoint, serving up an eclectic mix of goodies that made the judges' job extremely difficult—in a good way! There were pumpkin bars, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pie (in a jar!), pumpkin soup, pumpkin dip, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cake, pumpkin crisp, pumpkin tart, and even pumpkin dumplings and pumpkin fried rice. It may have been one of the most creative Dock Cooks competitions ever.

In the end, however, the judges' numbers yielded these results:

·      Winning a 3rd place ribbon for their delightful Pumpkin Donuts with Salted Carmel Glaze were Regan Zehr and Makenna Rodriguez.

·      The runners up, with a 2nd place ribbon for their innovative Pumpkin Soup and Deep Fried Pumpkin Dumplings, were Peter Liang and Leo He.

·      And the winners of the 2018 Dock Cooks competition, for their sensational No Bake Pumpkin Pie in a Jar—which was as pretty to look at as it was delicious to eat—were seniors Macy Balmer and Laura Bergey.

Congratulations to ALL of our student chefs for their hard work and creativity. You helped make Dock Cooks 2018 a competition to remember!

More photos from Dock Cooks 2018

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Purpose Beyond Academics

On the field, court and stage—these are the places where memories are made. At Dock, the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities are an essential component of the learning experience.


Play here. Excel here. Win here.


Follow your passion here.

The Arts

We celebrate creativity here!


Learn technology here.


Find your beat here.

Dock By The Numbers


of students receive financial aid or discounts

Aid can include direct support from Dock or assistance from churches


Percentage of graduates who attend college

Others take a gap year for service or enter the workforce


Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Dock strives to develop a life-long love of learning—and our faculty lead the way.


Faculty to Student Ratio

Class sizes offer opportunities for quality teacher-student interaction and individual attention


countries represented

A global perspective is a strength of the Dock experience


churches represented

Dock serves many other denominations; less than half of our students are Mennonite


Percentage of students who participate in a co-curricular activity

From athletics to music to drama to robotics and more, students have rich opportunities beyond the classroom


Percentage of students annually who take and pass at least one AP Exam

Our faculty encourage students to stretch themselves to reach their full potential


Percentage of students participating in one or more sports

Student-athletes find excellent opportunities to participate in spor(s) they love, even as freshmen


Number of league championships claimed by Dock teams

The Bicentennial Athletic League provides strong competition from both public and private schools
We love our school! It has a Mennonite heart with solid, serious academics, beautiful families and children, and a superb high school.
Jenny Fujita, with daughters Pi'ikea (6th grade, right) and La'akea (10th grade)
My experience at Dock has been amazing. The opportunities provided here are great for helping you figure out what interests you most! I have participated in a wide range of activities—from ceramics to sports to student government. I am truly grateful for the ways Dock has allowed me to express who I am and discover my unique qualities.
Lindsey Bernd '18
When my daughter graduated from Dock she was totally prepared for college. The level of academics gave her a sense of achieving her goals, and her self-esteem soared. Homework was heavy, but if your child plans to go to college, he/she will be totally prepared. I found the teachers to be attentive to the students, and available to parents, even on short notice. We lived quite a distance from Dock, but with the level of academics and teacher-parent involvement, it was worth the commute and tuition.parent review on greatschools.org
We have two children at Dock's EC-Grade 8 campus. We have been very happy with our experience. The teachers are great! They care about the students, and the students can feel it; I believe this helps them succeed. Every child has a gift, and Dock allows that gift to grow; children are encouraged to find and nurture their gift. We feel blessed that our children can attend Dock Mennonite Academy.The O'Rourke's, EC-Grade 8 parents
I fell in love before I even stepped out of the car. I saw the wide open campus and thought it would be amazing to walk outside from class to class. The style of teaching is so different; hands-on and interactive, so students actually pay attention to what is being taught. I realized I could play soccer and create the art I was always interested in, and be completely devoted to both. I was sold—I made my decision to join the Dock Class of 2017.Mia Bevilacqua '17

"Teachers expressed genuine concern for each of our children through words and actions. They recognized the individual qualities, traits, and strengths of each child and focused on their spiritual, academic, social, and athletic qualities."

Jim and Suzanne Gunden, parents of Michael ('16), Erica ('18), and Gabriel ('22) 

"We give thanks to God for the friends, faculty, and experiences that have shaped each of our children. It is so rewarding to see what God has created in them. From establishing a Christian foundation in grade school, to encouraging and creating service opportunities, to living out their faith in high school, Dock has partnered with us as our children have matured over the past 16 years."

Howard and Bonnie Anderson, parents of Lauren ('14), Haley ('16), Brian ('18) and Jonathan ('20)

"One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to send our girls to Dock. You provide kids with a holistic and individualized education and you help them to recognize their abilities and their limitless potential. Emma is a different person today than she was walking into that school in September. We are so grateful to all of her teachers.  Each one made an impact on her—that’s not an exaggeration."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Emma ('22, bottom right) singing during the 8th Grade Celebration on June 7, 2018 

"Olivia is thriving at Dock. She knew she was home the first time she toured the campus. We appreciate the fact that it’s OK for our girls to speak about their faith, to ask questions about what they believe in. Our girls are growing spiritually and building a stronger relationship with God, and they see that we all have a role to play in changing our world. The teachers at Dock are sincerely interested in and care about our girls. What you all do is very important—it goes beyond textbooks. Olivia and Emma are happy."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Olivia ('20, far left), performing in Dock's 2017 fall musical, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  

Purpose That Inspires

We believe that school should inspire students—and parents. Our faculty create a challenging but supportive environment that makes students want to learn, but also provide a meaningful faith context for learning. That's what learning for lives of purpose is all about.

Beyond Dock: Lives of Purpose

Investment in a Dock education begins yielding a return almost immediately, as graduates place a high value on their high school experience and discover they are exceptionally well-prepared for college. Yet the dividends continue to grow for a lifetime.

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