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From the first day of preschool until graduation, each Dock Mennonite Academy student is nurtured by a community that serves as an extension of family. Teachers are caring and supportive. Parents are thoughtful and involved. Peers inspire and encourage. Dock is a private Christian school where you will find a true community of learners.

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March Guidance Office Newsletter
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

College Planning Information

All students will be creating a SCOIR account to use throughout their time at Dock. This is an online college and career planning system designed to streamline the college search and application process. In addition, students will use SCOIR to take a career assessment during their Sophomore or Junior year, which will be a helpful tool in considering possible career choices.

College preparation begins with your high school schedule. The first step on the road to college begins with the courses students take in high school. The first thing colleges look at is the high school transcript. It is an important document in the admissions and scholarship process. Schools look for four years of solid course work in a basic curriculum. Although standardized tests are important in the application process, the high school transcript measures a student’s ability and motivation over four years. Registration for next year’s classes has already begun. It’s important to review your schedule when you receive it in the spring and contact the Guidance Office if you have any questions.

What do admissions officers look for in a transcript?

Generally, admissions counselors are looking to evaluate:

Grades: Are they on an upward trend?

High School: What are its academic qualities?

G.P.A.: Cumulative Grade Point Average and Current Grade Point Average

Test Scores: SAT, ACT, SAT Subject test. How does the student compare to students from other schools?

Senior Year: Is the student taking challenging academic curriculum and being successful?

Junior year: College visits and planning

Students should have several colleges selected from information they have researched. Now it is time to prepare for campus visits. Selecting a college takes research. It begins with college guidebooks and publications, computer resources, people resources, college fairs and open houses, and campus visits. Many colleges offer virtual tours and visits. It is important to keep records on each college for future reference. SCOIR is a great place to keep track of the colleges you are researching.

Below are Internet resources for you to explore:

College Board: www.collegeboard.com

Campus tours: www.campustours.com

College-bound athletes: https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/

Federal Student Aid:  https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa

Scholarships: www.fastweb.com/ or  www.cappex.com


Work Study Program

Juniors interested in career study or work study for the 2021-22 school year, please contact Mrs. Leaman to discuss the process and fill out the application. This course selection comes with school requirements as well as employer expectations. The application needs to be on file before the end of May, and regular timecards and employer evaluations will be expected throughout the semester. If you have questions pertaining to this class, please contact the Guidance Office.


SAT Information

The SAT should be taken by college-bound students in the spring of their junior year or fall of their senior year. The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at www.collegeboard.com. Students should set up an account with College Board. This will give them access to many tools that are available to support SAT preparation and the college search. There are also helps for parents. This is a recommended site for college-bound students and their parents.

SAT testing dates and registration deadlines are as follows:

Test Date                                 Registration Deadline

May 8, 2021                              April 8, 2021                                            

June 5, 2021                             May 6, 2021

Students with Learning Disabilities that would like to request SAT or ACT accommodations, please contact your counselor to review the process.


Spring 2021 College Fairs

Southeastern Pennsylvania Christian College Fair

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Coventry Christian School, 699 North Pleasantville Road, Pottstown, PA  19464

Virtual Christian College Fairs                                              


Register for dozens of virtual fairs and pre-recorded college webinars, such as Tips on paying for College           

NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) Virtual College Fairs


Drop in on Zoom sessions offered by hundreds of colleges.

PACAC (Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling) Virtual College Fairs


PACAC partners with StriveScan to create a unique opportunity for students to experience a wide range of colleges in a lively and safe environment.


Mennonite College 2021 Spring Open Houses

Bethel College  www.bethelks.edu

April 9, 2021 – Junior Visit Day

Bluffton College www.bluffton.edu

April 24, 2021 – Junior Visit Day

Eastern Mennonite University www.emu.edu

March 27, 2021 - Campus Open House

Goshen College www.goshen.edu

March 26, 2021 – Explore Goshen Day

Hesston College www.hesston.edu

Take a Virtual Campus Tour or call for an appointment.

admissions@hesston.edu or 620-327-4

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Austin Kratz ('18) looks forward to a big outdoor T&F season at ASU
  • Athletic News

Sprinter Austin Kratz ('18) had a breakout season for Dock Track & Field as a junior, which set the stage for a dominating senior year that yielded state gold medals in the 100M and 200M, and 4x100 relay, and made Kratz a recruiting target for Division 1 track programs across the country.

Now, after two challenging seasons at Arizona State University, Kratz is poised to have a breakout outdoor track season for the Sun Devils—which could put him in the mix for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

A series of injuries, and then the COVID-19 pandemic, combined to slow Kratz down during his freshman and sophomore years at ASU, but he is now healthy and working hard to prepare for the outdoor season. While his current focus is on setting new personal records in the 100M and 200M, a strong showing nationally in those events may help him quality for the Olympic trials. The 2020 Summer Olympics were rescheduled because of the pandemic for this July-August in Tokyo.

Read the full story on the Sun Devil Athletics website

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2021 Summer Camp info now online
  • All School News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

The Dock Mennonite Academy Summer Camp lineup has something for every child—sports, theater, science, art, travel and much, much more! Our Summer Camps run from June 21 to July 30, with morning, afternoon, and full-day options. There is also an after-Sports Camp Care option that provides supervision for children attending sports camps. Most camps are taught by members of Dock faculty or staff, while sports camps are offered in partnership with Cal Sports Academy.

Registration is now open. Many camps have registration limits, so please act quickly to secure a spot for your child.

Visit the 2021 Summer Camps page


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Dock serves wherever we are!
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

Friday may have been a Remote Learning Day for Dock, but that didn't keep our Middle School students from experiencing some real Service Learning using the theme, "Dock Serves Wherever We Are." Students received instructions from their teachers (who also participated) via Google Slides, and then created their own slides showing the service learning they had engaged in at home. Responses ranged from helping with the dishes to making breakfast or lunch, walking pets, watering plants, shoveling snow and ice for family and neighbors, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms (!), and many more. Thanks to our Middle School teachers for organizing a great remote service learning opportunity, and congratulations to our students for all the ways they became servants for others today!

See more examples of student slides

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Dock senior finds half-marathon prep to be totally Worthwhile
  • Athletic News
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

When she was unable to fit two gym classes into her schedule this year, Dock senior Sara Kennel was granted an independent study with the goal of preparing to run a half-marathon. Faculty member Mrs. Darla Bergey, an accomplished runner and marathon veteran herself,  agreed to work with her on the independent study. Sara, who also ran Cross Country for Dock in the fall, began training last November.

A friend who often runs with Sara expressed interest in running the half with her, and they began training together. Early in December, she learned from a friend about Worthwhile Wear, a local organization that provides long-term housing, vocational training and employment for survivors of human trafficking—a cause that has long been close to Sara’s heart.

“I felt led to find a way to support them,” she says. As a student with limited resources, she had to think creatively. With her half-marathon approaching (scheduled for Saturday, February 27) she decided to turn the race into a fundraiser for Worthwhile Wear. She and her friend started a Go Fund Me page and invited others to support the cause and even join them for the run if they wanted. Congratulations, Sara, and good luck in the race!

© 2019 Anderson Photography

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State Rep. Steve Malagari visits with U.S. Government students
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Pennsylvania Rep. Steve Malagari (D) had a virtual visit with Mr. Zach Bower's Government class during a recent Remote Learning Day. This was the first time for most of the students to interact with a state representative, with many of the students in the class living in the 53rd district of Montgomery County that Malagari represents. A graduate of North Penn High School who just began his second term in the state House, Malagari spoke about what his daily routine and responsibilities are, and also fielded some thoughtful questions from students.

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8th grader wins award for first novel
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

As part of a Middle School EXPO Day writing project earlier this year, Dock 8th grade student Ryan Park wrote a novel entitled The Rohingya Miracle. His Middle School English teacher, Mrs. Kathy Mease, encouraged Ryan to enter his book into the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Competition for students in grades 7-12. Ryan recently learned that his novel won the Silver Key award. In addition to his certificate, Ryan will receive his  “Silver Key” award later this spring. Writing is such an important skill, and it’s exciting to have budding young authors among us. Congratulations, Ryan!

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Superintendent's Letter: February 9, 2021
  • All School News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock Mennonite Academy Superintendent Dr. Conrad Swartzentruber has written a letter to Dock students and their families in an ongoing series of pandemic-related communications the school has shared over the course of the past 11 months. The February 9, 2021 Superintendent's Letter includes some weather-related developments, a look at some of the exciting things that continue to happen on our campuses, and a brief COVID-19 update. 

Read the full text of the letter here

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Alum shares about her job as a flight nurse
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

As day jobs go, Erica Merrill's is pretty interesting: the 1998 Dock grad is a flight nurse for PennStar, the critical care air and ground medical transport serving patients within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia's Penn Medicine. She visited Mrs. Darla Bergey's First Aid class on Thursday to share about her experiences. PennStar transports high-risk patients to the hospital, and Merrill's patients have ranged from a 2.5 "preemie" infant to severely ill COVID-19 patients, to a man whose arm had to be amputated when it was caught in an auger. Merrill said that her job requires being ready at a moment's notice, and the ability to think on your feet and make quick decisions. She said she enjoys helping others in need. Dock students enjoyed hearing about another option in the medical field.

Watch "Built for Speed-Built for Life"


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February Guidance Office Newsletter
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Course Registration for 2021-2022

Students will receive registration materials for the 2020-21 school year on Thursday, February 4. Students and Parent, please complete the course registration process, which includes the following:

1.      Review and sign the Covenant Statement and Student Technology Device Contract.

2.      Update and sign the emergency/field trip permission form.

3.      Complete the course registration form. Use this link to our 2021-22 Curriculum Guide www.dock.org/academics/curriculum/curriculum-guide to see course descriptions and to check for graduation requirements.

All materials are due back to the student’s advisor no later than February 10, 2021. Contact your guidance counselor or advisor with registration questions.

It is our desire to create the best possible schedule for each student.  When you receive your schedule please look it over closely, making sure it is good for the entire year.  If changes are needed, see your guidance counselor no later than the second week of school.  Please be advised that if a student needs to withdraw from a given course after they have started that class, the withdrawal will be noted on their permanent transcript record with a WP or WF.  A “WP” notes that satisfactory work was being completed in the course at the time of withdrawal.  A “WF” notes failing work at the time of withdrawal. Depending on when the student withdraws from a class, they may not be eligible for Honor Roll that quarter.

North Montco Technical Career Center

A Virtual Open House at North Montco Technical Career Center will be held on February 4, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Visit up to 4 of the 22 technical programs offered. Each virtual session will last approximately 20 minutes. Speak with representatives from the student services department. They will be available to answer any questions you may have about student support and career counseling. Pre-Registration is required by February 3rd.  For more information and to register, visit http://www.nmtcc.org/.

College & Career Planning Information

Mr. Kabakjian is available to meet with Juniors to have conversation about college and career options. Stop in the Guidance Office if you have questions about the college search process, SAT scores, choosing a major, career opportunities, etc. He is also available to discuss course selection for the senior year. 

AP Classes

Students in AP classes that started in the second semester, remember to join your class section online. Use the join code your AP teacher gives you to join your class section in My AP.

SAT Information

The SAT should be taken by college-bound students in the spring of their junior year or fall of their senior year. The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at www.Collegeboard.com. Students should set up an account with College Board. This will give them access to many tools that are available to support SAT preparation and the college search. There are also helps for parents. This is a recommended site for college-bound students and their parents.

SAT testing dates and registration deadlines are as follows:
Test Date                                 Registration Deadline

March 13, 2021                        February 12, 2021

May 8, 2021                              April 8, 2021

June 5, 2021                             May 6, 2021

Any sophomore or junior in learning support who has not been to the guidance office to request the paperwork for SAT accommodations should do so as soon as possible. The process with the College Board can take as long as 8 to 12 weeks. Current educational testing is a requirement for the accommodation request to be approved. It is recommended that educational testing be no more than 3 years old for college services.

Resources Available in the Guidance Office

Scholarship List: The Guidance Office has a list of scholarships. Here is just a sampling of a few that are listed:

  • Everence College Scholarship
  • Anna M. Vincent Scholarship
  • North Penn Area Scholarship Fund
  • Care & Share Thrift Shoppes Student Volunteer Scholarship
  • Souderton-Telford Rotary Club Arts & Humanities and Science, Technology, & Math Scholarships

Local Contests: These opportunities are for all high school students!

  • The Rotary Clubs Four-Way Test Speech Contest
  • Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) High School Essay and Video Contest
  • Gettysburg College Second Annual Georges Lieber Essay Contest on Resistance

Coming Soon……Summer Opportunities: We will have information on summer educational, travel, service, and work opportunities for students, such as:

  • Academic Programs at local colleges
  • Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week
  • Summer Camp opportunities

Students are welcome to stop by the Guidance Office and check out these resources anytime!

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This is Dock Mennonite Academy

Dock Mennonite Academy offers a dynamic and diverse learning community.

Dock is a private Christian school whose balanced integration of faith and learning teaches students from Early Childhood to Grade 12

to be confident thinkers who lead lives of purpose. Our mission is to offer an affordable Christian school education that inspires and equips every student

to serve with a global perspective by integrating faith, academics, and life-enriching experiences in a Christ-centered environment.

Purpose Beyond Academics



Our private Christian school has a purpose beyond academics. On the field, court and stage—these are the places where memories are made. Dock is a Christian academy where the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities are an essential component of the learning experience.




Play here. Excel here. Win here.


Follow your passion here.

The Arts

We celebrate creativity here!


Learn technology here.


Find your beat here.

Dock By The Numbers


of students receive financial aid or discounts

Aid can include direct support from Dock or assistance from churches


Percentage of graduates who attend college

Others take a gap year for service or enter the workforce


Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Dock strives to develop a life-long love of learning—and our faculty lead the way.


Faculty to Student Ratio

Class sizes offer opportunities for quality teacher-student interaction and individual attention


countries represented

A global perspective is a strength of the Dock experience


churches represented

Dock serves many other denominations; less than half of our students are Mennonite


Percentage of students who participate in a co-curricular activity

From athletics to music to drama to robotics and more, students have rich opportunities beyond the classroom


Percentage of students annually who take and pass at least one AP Exam

Our faculty encourage students to stretch themselves to reach their full potential


Percentage of students participating in one or more sports

Student-athletes find excellent opportunities to participate in spor(s) they love, even as freshmen


Number of league championships claimed by Dock teams

The Bicentennial Athletic League provides strong competition from both public and private schools

"I just want to take a moment to say thank you. It is obvious that Dock has spent time and prepared a reopening plan that takes into account the many different thoughts, opinions, concerns, and frustrations of all families during this pandemic. While it is impossible to please everyone, it is clear the two options you have outlined have the biggest probability of satisfying the majority of your families. Providing two options is so refreshing and I realize this will be much extra work for your staff and teachers…thank you! This will be our oldest child's first year at the school, and we could not be more pleased with our choice of Dock!" 

Dock Elementary family

We love our school! It has a Mennonite heart with solid, serious academics, beautiful families and children, and a superb high school.
Jenny Fujita, with daughters Pi'ikea (6th grade, right) and La'akea (10th grade)
My experience at Dock has been amazing. The opportunities provided here are great for helping you figure out what interests you most! I have participated in a wide range of activities—from ceramics to sports to student government. I am truly grateful for the ways Dock has allowed me to express who I am and discover my unique qualities.
Lindsey Bernd '18
When my daughter graduated from Dock she was totally prepared for college. The level of academics gave her a sense of achieving her goals, and her self-esteem soared. Homework was heavy, but if your child plans to go to college, he/she will be totally prepared. I found the teachers to be attentive to the students, and available to parents, even on short notice. We lived quite a distance from Dock, but with the level of academics and teacher-parent involvement, it was worth the commute and tuition.parent review on greatschools.org
We have two children at Dock's EC-Grade 8 campus. We have been very happy with our experience. The teachers are great! They care about the students, and the students can feel it; I believe this helps them succeed. Every child has a gift, and Dock allows that gift to grow; children are encouraged to find and nurture their gift. We feel blessed that our children can attend Dock Mennonite Academy.The O'Rourke's, EC-Grade 8 parents
I fell in love before I even stepped out of the car. I saw the wide open campus and thought it would be amazing to walk outside from class to class. The style of teaching is so different; hands-on and interactive, so students actually pay attention to what is being taught. I realized I could play soccer and create the art I was always interested in, and be completely devoted to both. I was sold—I made my decision to join the Dock Class of 2017.Mia Bevilacqua '17

"Teachers expressed genuine concern for each of our children through words and actions. They recognized the individual qualities, traits, and strengths of each child and focused on their spiritual, academic, social, and athletic qualities."

Jim and Suzanne Gunden, parents of Michael ('16), Erica ('18), and Gabriel ('22) 

"We give thanks to God for the friends, faculty, and experiences that have shaped each of our children. It is so rewarding to see what God has created in them. From establishing a Christian foundation in grade school, to encouraging and creating service opportunities, to living out their faith in high school, Dock has partnered with us as our children have matured over the past 16 years."

Howard and Bonnie Anderson, parents of Lauren ('14), Haley ('16), Brian ('18) and Jonathan ('20)

"One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to send our girls to Dock. You provide kids with a holistic and individualized education and you help them to recognize their abilities and their limitless potential. Emma is a different person today than she was walking into that school in September. We are so grateful to all of her teachers.  Each one made an impact on her—that’s not an exaggeration."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Emma ('22, bottom right) singing during the 8th Grade Celebration on June 7, 2018 

"Olivia is thriving at Dock. She knew she was home the first time she toured the campus. We appreciate the fact that it’s OK for our girls to speak about their faith, to ask questions about what they believe in. Our girls are growing spiritually and building a stronger relationship with God, and they see that we all have a role to play in changing our world. The teachers at Dock are sincerely interested in and care about our girls. What you all do is very important—it goes beyond textbooks. Olivia and Emma are happy."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Olivia ('20, far left), performing in Dock's 2017 fall musical, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  

Purpose That Inspires

Our Early Childhood to Grade 12 Christian school inspires a life-long love of learning from an early age. We value your child's natural need for exploration and inquiry, and we believe that school should inspire students—and parents. Dock Mennonite Academy offers an affordable Christian school where each student is recognized for their individual and unique abilities. Our faculty create a challenging but supportive environment that makes students want to learn, but also provide a meaningful faith context for learning. That's what learning for lives of purpose is all about.

Beyond Dock: Lives of Purpose

Investment in a Dock education begins yielding a return almost immediately, as graduates place a high value on their high school experience and discover they are exceptionally well-prepared for college. Yet the dividends continue to grow for a lifetime.

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