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From the first day of preschool until graduation, each Dock student is nurtured by a community that serves as an extension of family. Teachers are caring and supportive. Parents are thoughtful and involved. Peers inspire and encourage. At Dock you will find a true community of learners.

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High School ClassH-Room to air Dec. 20
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Dock's high school episode of the game show, The ClassH-Room will air on Thursday, December 20 at 12 noon on Philly Fox 29. The ClassH-Room episode featuring our middle school students aired two weeks ago; you can watch it at the link below.

The ClassH-Room is a trivia-based game show for teachers and students in grades 7-12. Each episode features students and teachers from the same school, competing against each other to try to win funds for their chosen charities. The show airs weekdays at 12 noon.

As a result of our participation on Philly Fox 29's The ClassH-Room, Dock is excited to share our $1,000 winnings from both episodes with two charities, Keystone Opportunity Center and Mennonite Disaster Service. That's what you call a "win-win" experience!

Watch Dock Middle School on the ClassH-Room

Did you read our blog post about the ClassH-Room? 

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December Guidance Office Newsletter
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Financial Aid Information

Parents navigating the college admissions process got a little boost on November 13 when Dock hosted its annual Financial Aid Night in Rosenberger Academic Center. Two college admissions personnel from Eastern Mennonite University—Michele Hensley, Director of Financial Aid, and Zach Yoder, Director of Retention—drove up from Harrisonburg, VA, to help Dock families better understand the college financial aid process, including information about FAFSA, Loans, grants and scholarships. About 42 Dock parents attended and received a packet of useful information. The Guidance Office has information packets available; if you would like one, please have your student stop by and pick one up.

Parents:  It is essential that you fill out the FAFSA form for your student to qualify for need-based loans, grants and scholarships. The state deadline is May 1, 2019 and the Federal deadline is June 30, 2019. We highly recommend that you complete the FAFSA as soon as possible.  The electronic version can be found at www.Fafsa.ed.gov. You may request a paper copy of the FAFSA by calling: 1-800-433-3243.


Scholarship Information

Need Cash for College? Now is the time to start thinking about applying for scholarships! A Scholarship List with more information is available in the Guidance Office. Feel free to stop by and pick up a copy. It includes specific college scholarships and public scholarships. This list will be updated and posted on the Kiosk in Rosenberger Center as new scholarships become available. We recommend you begin a personal scholarship search by using the following websites:







Another resource for scholarships is the college you plan to attend.  Ask your college admissions counselor what scholarships you qualify for. Research the college site and actively look for information relating to scholarships. The college financial aid office is also a good place to obtain information. 


Senior Transcripts & Applications

To have your transcript sent to any post-secondary program, seniors will need to fill out a purple transcript release form.  The forms are on the front counter in the Guidance Office.  Please pay close attention to the application deadlines. It is essential that the teacher recommendations are given to the teachers at least two weeks before the deadline. If you want transcripts sent out before Christmas break, all requests must be made to the Guidance Office by Monday, December 17. We will try our best to have all the applications in the mail by December 21 if we have been given ample time. The Guidance Office will be closed over Christmas break.

SAT Information

The SAT should be taken by college-bound students in the spring of their junior year or fall of their senior year. The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at www.Collegeboard.com. Students should set up an account with College Board. This will give them access to many tools that are available to support SAT preparation and the college search. There are also helps for parents. This is a recommended site for college-bound students and their parents.

SAT testing dates and registration deadlines are as follows:

Test Date                      Registration Deadline

March 9, 2019              February 8, 2019

May 4, 2018                 April 5, 2019

June 1, 2018                 May 3, 2019 


 Attention Juniors!

 While all four years in high school are important, the most pivotal year for academic and career decisions is a students' junior year.  During their junior year, students take a more comprehensive look at their future beyond high school.  All juniors should:


  • take the PSAT/NMSQT in October
  • review PSAT test results with their counselor and parents when they receive them in Dec./Jan.
  • following Mr. Kabakjian's presentation about college and career information, set up a time to meet with him about their future career goals, college selection, current academic standing, and selection of their senior year courses. 
  • sign up to take the SAT I at least one time and possibly twice in March, May, or June.
  • consider taking an SAT I preparation course, if necessary.
  • develop a list of potential colleges, technical schools or job opportunities to research.
  • if a student athlete, become familiar with the NCAA Guidelines for Student Athletes, checking to make sure you are meeting the core course requirements and test standards.
  • request information from the colleges and technical schools that are of interest to you.
  • set up appointments to visit those colleges and technical schools that you believe suit your career goals and aspirations.
  • lastly, gather financial aid information from any sources available; Dock, the local community and, most importantly, from the educational institutions themselves.


Junior students who become actively involved in the college and career activities listed above will find their senior year to be productive, rewarding, and less stressful. 

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Dock to hold Experiential Learning Day
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Dock will hold its first-ever Experiential Learning Day on Friday, January 4, for grades 9, 10, and 11. Students will have options for on- and off-campus learning experiences.  Some of the options are full day-and some are half-day; times are within the normal school day unless stated otherwise. Students have spent that past few days signing up to participate in the option of their choice.

"At Dock we realize that significant learning happens outside the traditional classroom, so we planned a day for experiential learning," said Dr. Sharon Fransen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. "We know students learn about the world and other peoples through innovative experiences, play, and reflection. We envision a day where teachers will share areas of expertise or passion, and students will learn something not found in our formal programming."

Experiential learning is the process of learning through participation rather than by listening to a lecture or reading about a topic. Learning opportunities for Dock students will range from Spanish language immersion to tours of the National Liberty Museum and Penn Museum in Philadelphia, sustainable farming practices, shooting and editing better photographs, creative writing workshops, and many more. The video (see link below) includes a listing of all the opportunities available to students.

Dock's Experiential Learning Day is being held the same week that seniors will be off campus doing some experiential learning of their own during Senior Experience—a full week of job shadowing and/or service opportunities that help many seniors discern college and vocational interests.

Dr. Fransen said it's possible that Experiential Learning Day could become Experiential Learning Week at some point.

"Some schools have a 'mini-term' with several days of experiential learning in which activities are planned around one topic," she said. "We may try that in the future, but this year we are getting a taste of what that could be like for us as a school community. We are excited to learn together."

Note: The video represents all of the options presented to students; the list of classes offered was determined by student interest.

Video of Experiential Day options

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Early Childhood Christmas program
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News

Under the direction of their dedicated teachers and aides, our Early Childhood students presented parents, grandparents, siblings and friends with a wonderful Christmas gift today—their EC Christmas program! Families were treated to Christmas music with scripture, movement and song. A highlight was students singing "Silent Night" by candlelight. It was a wonderful morning!

See more photos

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Did you see Dock on the ClassH-Room?
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Dock's middle school episode of the game show, The ClassH-Room aired on Tuesday, December 4 at noon on Philly Fox 29. If you didn't get to see the show, you can watch it by clicking on the link below. The ClassH-Room episode featuring our high school students will air sometime early in the new year.

The ClassH-Room is a trivia-based game show for teachers and students in grades 7-12. Each episode features students and teachers from the same school, competing against each other to try to win funds for their chosen charities. The show airs weekdays at 12 noon.

As a result of our participation on Philly Fox 29's The ClassH-Room, Dock is excited to share our $1,000 winnings from both episodes with two charities, Keystone Opportunity Center and Mennonite Disaster Service. That's what you call a "win-win" experience!

Watch Dock on the ClassH-Room

Did you read our blog post about the ClassH-Room? 

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Dock participates in Tuba Christmas
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On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Dock Mennonite Academy Grades 9-12 band members Cici Ren and Steve Seachrist, along with Band Director Mr. Alan Shughart (center), participated in the 19th Annual Lansdale Tuba Christmas at St. Johns United Church of Christ. Our Dock performers were part of a larger group of almost 80 tuba and euphonium players from the region. Cici Ren was recognized as the musician who traveled the furthest—all the way from China!—to participate in the event. Tuba Christmas was inspired by Harvey Phillips in 1974 to honor his teacher, William Bell, who was born on Christmas Day 1902. Since that first Tuba Christmas in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza, the event has become a tradition in cities and towns around the world.

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Dock's ClassH-Room visit to air December 4
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Dock Mennonite Academy students, faculty, and staff will be featured in an episode of Fox 29's show, "The ClassH-Room," on Tuesday, December 4 at 12 noon.

The ClassH-Room is a trivia-based game show for teachers and students in grades 7-12. Each episode features students and teachers from the same school, competing against each other to try to win funds for their chosen charities. Teams of students from both the Middle School and High School taped the episodes in Fox 29's Philadelphia studio the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Middle School students featured in the December 4 episode include (l to r in photo above) Haley Harper, Marlyse Giesbrecht and Simon Hershberger. The faculty team competing against them included Mrs. Kaci Hunsberger, Mrs. Claire Wanamaker, and Director of Marketing Mrs. Kathy Gordon (a pinch-hitter for for Mr. Michael George, who was under the weather). The High School student team included Louis Cocco, Nicole Ford, and Sydney Leaman, while the High School faculty team included Mr. Ron Hertzler, Mrs. Kathy Kennel, and Mrs. Kellena Smith. The High School segment will air in January. Dock's mascot, Christopher the Pioneer, was also in attendance for the taping.

Dock's visit to the ClassH-Room gave the show a distinctly local flavor, since the host is Richard Curtis, the Souderton Area High School technology teacher who found himself in the national spotlight last year when he won the "Live with Kelly!" co-host competition. Looks like Richard's TV career is really taking off!

Be sure to watch or set your DVR for Fox 29 on Tuesday, December 4 at 12 noon, to see which team wins the Middle School battle, and whose charity (Keystone Opportunity Center for the students, Mennonite Disaster Service for the teachers) will receive a check!

Also, you really must read the full story about the taping of the show, crafted by our incomparable blogger, Mrs. Brenda Shelly. Read her story in our blog, The Window.

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Lamplighter gets an update
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The joining of Christopher Dock Mennonite High School and Penn View Christian School into Dock Mennonite Academy in 2015 set in motion a series of changes. With a new name for our combined school came a new identity, and new ways to communicate who we are to our stakeholders—students, parents, faculty and staff, alumni and friends.

An important way to communicate these changes was our web site, which was re-created almost from scratch nearly two years ago. A viewbook and other promotional materials were next to adopt Dock's new brand image and colors.

This issue of Lamplighter represents the logical next step in the metamorphosis of Dock's identity, and allows our publications to have a consistent look and "feel." Over the next few issues, we will also be working to redirect the content of the magazine as well, with more news and information about alumni, including profiles of our graduates who are making an impact on their communities and the world.

We welcome your feedback on the new design, as well your suggestions for articles and alumni profiles. Please direct your comments to Jay Gordon, jbgordon@dock.org, 215.362.2675, ext. 108.

Note: As you flip through the digital version of Lamplighter, you will notice that on many pages, there are parts of the page that become highlighted as you scroll over them. These highlighted sections indicate additional content—videos, for example—that you can access by clicking the link. There is further additional content when you view Lamplighter on your mobile device. We look forward to your feedback!

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Purpose Beyond Academics

On the field, court and stage—these are the places where memories are made. At Dock, the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities are an essential component of the learning experience.


Play here. Excel here. Win here.


Follow your passion here.

The Arts

We celebrate creativity here!


Learn technology here.


Find your beat here.

Dock By The Numbers


of students receive financial aid or discounts

Aid can include direct support from Dock or assistance from churches


Percentage of graduates who attend college

Others take a gap year for service or enter the workforce


Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Dock strives to develop a life-long love of learning—and our faculty lead the way.


Faculty to Student Ratio

Class sizes offer opportunities for quality teacher-student interaction and individual attention


countries represented

A global perspective is a strength of the Dock experience


churches represented

Dock serves many other denominations; less than half of our students are Mennonite


Percentage of students who participate in a co-curricular activity

From athletics to music to drama to robotics and more, students have rich opportunities beyond the classroom


Percentage of students annually who take and pass at least one AP Exam

Our faculty encourage students to stretch themselves to reach their full potential


Percentage of students participating in one or more sports

Student-athletes find excellent opportunities to participate in spor(s) they love, even as freshmen


Number of league championships claimed by Dock teams

The Bicentennial Athletic League provides strong competition from both public and private schools
We love our school! It has a Mennonite heart with solid, serious academics, beautiful families and children, and a superb high school.
Jenny Fujita, with daughters Pi'ikea (6th grade, right) and La'akea (10th grade)
My experience at Dock has been amazing. The opportunities provided here are great for helping you figure out what interests you most! I have participated in a wide range of activities—from ceramics to sports to student government. I am truly grateful for the ways Dock has allowed me to express who I am and discover my unique qualities.
Lindsey Bernd '18
When my daughter graduated from Dock she was totally prepared for college. The level of academics gave her a sense of achieving her goals, and her self-esteem soared. Homework was heavy, but if your child plans to go to college, he/she will be totally prepared. I found the teachers to be attentive to the students, and available to parents, even on short notice. We lived quite a distance from Dock, but with the level of academics and teacher-parent involvement, it was worth the commute and tuition.parent review on greatschools.org
We have two children at Dock's EC-Grade 8 campus. We have been very happy with our experience. The teachers are great! They care about the students, and the students can feel it; I believe this helps them succeed. Every child has a gift, and Dock allows that gift to grow; children are encouraged to find and nurture their gift. We feel blessed that our children can attend Dock Mennonite Academy.The O'Rourke's, EC-Grade 8 parents
I fell in love before I even stepped out of the car. I saw the wide open campus and thought it would be amazing to walk outside from class to class. The style of teaching is so different; hands-on and interactive, so students actually pay attention to what is being taught. I realized I could play soccer and create the art I was always interested in, and be completely devoted to both. I was sold—I made my decision to join the Dock Class of 2017.Mia Bevilacqua '17

"Teachers expressed genuine concern for each of our children through words and actions. They recognized the individual qualities, traits, and strengths of each child and focused on their spiritual, academic, social, and athletic qualities."

Jim and Suzanne Gunden, parents of Michael ('16), Erica ('18), and Gabriel ('22) 

"We give thanks to God for the friends, faculty, and experiences that have shaped each of our children. It is so rewarding to see what God has created in them. From establishing a Christian foundation in grade school, to encouraging and creating service opportunities, to living out their faith in high school, Dock has partnered with us as our children have matured over the past 16 years."

Howard and Bonnie Anderson, parents of Lauren ('14), Haley ('16), Brian ('18) and Jonathan ('20)

"One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to send our girls to Dock. You provide kids with a holistic and individualized education and you help them to recognize their abilities and their limitless potential. Emma is a different person today than she was walking into that school in September. We are so grateful to all of her teachers.  Each one made an impact on her—that’s not an exaggeration."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Emma ('22, bottom right) singing during the 8th Grade Celebration on June 7, 2018 

"Olivia is thriving at Dock. She knew she was home the first time she toured the campus. We appreciate the fact that it’s OK for our girls to speak about their faith, to ask questions about what they believe in. Our girls are growing spiritually and building a stronger relationship with God, and they see that we all have a role to play in changing our world. The teachers at Dock are sincerely interested in and care about our girls. What you all do is very important—it goes beyond textbooks. Olivia and Emma are happy."

Tim and Erica Celenza, parents of Olivia ('20, far left), performing in Dock's 2017 fall musical, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  

Purpose That Inspires

We believe that school should inspire students—and parents. Our faculty create a challenging but supportive environment that makes students want to learn, but also provide a meaningful faith context for learning. That's what learning for lives of purpose is all about.

Beyond Dock: Lives of Purpose

Investment in a Dock education begins yielding a return almost immediately, as graduates place a high value on their high school experience and discover they are exceptionally well-prepared for college. Yet the dividends continue to grow for a lifetime.

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