Faith that is owned

Mennonite values—an understanding of God's unconditional love, respect for others, and a humble attitude of service—are an integral part of the Dock educational experience.

Faith Integration

A life of meaning

At Dock we desire to do much more than simply transfer knowledge and information. The faith component of the Dock experience is not limited to Bible class and chapels—it is woven throughout our curriculum and co-curricular activities.

We seek to inspire students to pursue a life of meaning for Christ, and to prepare them to make an impact on the world. We also encourage students to recognize the church as an important part of their faith journey.

Who was Christopher Dock?

Do I need to be Mennonite?

Pastors' Days

Chapel Themes

Commitment to Service

A great experience

"In the past three years that I've attended Dock, I have grown mentally and spiritually. My teachers have helped me a lot along the way. I have learned new things from both chapels and my Bible class. Going to Dock has been a great experience."

Grade 8 student

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