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Two Campuses. One Community.

From the first day of preschool until graduation, each Dock student is nurtured by a community that serves as an extension of family. Teachers are caring and supportive. Parents are thoughtful and involved. Peers inspire and encourage. At Dock you will find a true community of learners.

Early Childhood - Grade 8

Grades 9 - 12

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Mass Incarceration Service Day
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock students and faculty used their Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to remember and serve those in prison whom are often forgotten and discarded from communities. They participated in Mennonite Central Committee's Mass Incarceration Service Day, assembling basic hygiene items into care kits for those in prison to meet basic needs and to restore hope and dignity. The group also heard from a panel of community leaders and formerly incarcerated individuals as they share their stories, discussing the role of race, poverty and the law in mass incarceration.

Mass incarceration is a term that describes the substantial increase in the number of incarcerated people in the United States' prisons over the past 40 years. The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world. The increase in the jail and prison population from less than 200,000 in 1972 to 2.2 million today has led to unprecedented prison overcrowding and put tremendous strain on state budgets. The United States has 5% of the world's population but nearly 25% of its prisoners.

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EC and Kindergarten Open Houses
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News
Discover Dock Mennonite Academy during our first Early Childhood and Kindergarten Open House of the year on Friday, January 26 at 8:45 a.m. Our Open House provides an opportunity to:
  • Tour our 52-acre campus
  • Meet teachers and students
  • Learn how Dock integrates faith and learning at every grade level and teaches essential life skills, such as, critical thinking, problem solving, inquisitiveness, teamwork, and leadership.
Dock provides an environment for your child that is loving, nurturing, and affordable. We provide more than $1 million annually in tuition assistance to families!

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Senior Experience: Service, job shadowing
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dock seniors began the New Year outside the classroom pursuing week-long service and job shadowing opportunities as part of their Senior Experience, a component of the senior-level Bible class called Kingdom Living. Students keep a journal, and spend two days at the conclusion of the week in a retreat setting to reconnect and reflect on their experiences. In many cases, Senior Week experiences influence choices of college and/or major, and also direct, or re-direct, vocational and career interests.

The Class of 2018 is fairly typical of senior classes of the past. Roughly two-thirds of Dock's 95 seniors chose to job shadow—most locally, but some traveling across the country or even the globe—while the rest chose to pursue service opportunities in places like New York City, Mexico, and Guatemala.

See more Senior Experience photos

Above: Perhaps the largest group of Dock seniors spent the week serving at Refuge Ranch, an orphanage in Mexico.

Below: Job shadowing opportunities included a hospital-based midwife for Graciella Odelia, and a federal judge for Dan Moyer.

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Prayer with the Superintendent
  • All School News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Dr. Conrad Swartzentruber invites you to Prayer with the Superintendent on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 from 7:00 to 7:30 a.m. in Detweiler House on the Grades 9-12 Campus. This is an informal gathering open to parents who want to pray with Dr. Swartzentruber for our students, faculty and staff at both campuses.

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Inclement weather information
  • All School News

Dock Mennonite Academy WILL NOT use radio or TV to post inclement weather announcements.

Dock Mennonite Academy WILL use the following to communicate with parents and guardians:

1. Text message alerts- DOCKINFO (NOTE: if you already signed up for the text message alerts, you do not have to sign up again)

a.Open the texting program on your cell phone

b.In the "To" field enter 40404

c.In the message line type: Follow DOCKINFO

d.Send the message

e.Up to three texts will be received in response from Twitter. DO NOT respond to these text prompts.

f.Text ON to 40404

g.You will receive a text "Notifications are on"

h.Please note, you DO NOT need to set up a Twitter account to receive these texts.

2. Schoology

3. Website - www.dock.org

4. Facebook - Dock Mennonite Academy EC to 8 and Dock Mennonite Academy 9-12

5. Phone System - EC-8th Grade (215-723-1196) and 9th -12th Grade (215-362-2675)

If inclement weather develops overnight:

1.What do I do if the EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses are closed?

Students should not report to school at either campus. EC-Grade 8 students and Grades 9-12 students should check Schoology for further instructions.

2.What do I do if EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses have a two-hour delay, but my district opens the normal time?

For parents who drop students off at either campus or for students who drive, all should arrive at the delayed opening time. Early Childhood morning students will not have school. Early Childhood full day students should arrive at the delayed opening time.

3.What do I do if EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses are on time, but my district has a two-hour delay?

Send your student on the bus according to the district's two-hour delay schedule. For parents who drop students off at either campus or for students who drive, all may arrive at the delayed opening time and will not be counted tardy.

If inclement weather develops during the day:

1.What do I do if EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses close early, but my district remains open?

Follow text message alerts, Schoology, Facebook, website, and/or phone systems.

All bus companies will be contacted and bus services requested. When busses arrive at either campus, students will be dismissed to their busses. EC-Grade 8 campus will post bus departure times on the website.

2.What do I do if EC-Grade 8 and Grades 9-12 campuses remain open, but my district closes?

Follow text message alerts, Schoology, Facebook, website, and/or phone systems.

Classes will continue as normal. When a bus arrives from a closing district, students will be dismissed to their bus, unless other arrangements have been made.

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Cyber Day guidelines
  • All School News
  • EC - Grade 8 Campus News
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

In 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Flexible Instructional Days (we call them Cyber Days). These days allow academic work to be completed at home when circumstances, such as inclement weather, require us to close the school building. These Cyber Days count as full days of instruction and therefore do not need to be "made up" by extending school calendars later into the summer. Essentially, this is a school day at home. Click here to review the Cyber Day guidelines.

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CFA Leader Academy does good at GVH
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Chick-fil-A Leader Academy students from Dock planned and executed a toy drive for the Grand View Health Pediatrics unit for their Do Good December Project. Students came up with the idea, purchased toys and delivered them so that sick children who are hospitalized over the holidays will experience some joy as well! A special thanks to Chick fil A Lansdale for their continued support and generous donations towards this project!

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From the Guidance Office: January 2018
  • Grades 9 - 12 Campus News

Last Hoagie Sales of the Year

All students are required to sell hoagie coupons or pay class dues of $75. These monies go towards paying for class socials, junior-senior banquets, class trips, senate activities, etc. The last three sale dates are January 12, 18, 25. For more information and a hoagie form, click here.

PSAT results

PSAT results are now available online at www.collegeboard.com and hard copies will be returned to students in January. Mrs. Leaman will spend time reviewing test results with students. Ask your son or daughter to share this information with you!

Quick Start from College Board

My College QuickStart is an easy-to-use, online, personalized college and career planning kit available free of charge to all students who take the PSAT/NMSQT. The information and answers your child provided when they took the test are incorporated into this useful tool, and it presents their data back to them in four main parts:

My Online Score Report – an enhanced score report that allows student to review each test question, the student's answer, and the correct answer with answer explanations.

My SAT Study Plan – a customized SAT study plan based on student PSAT/NMSQT test performance, highlighting skills for review and practice.

My College Matches – a starter list of colleges based on the student's state and indicated choice of major.

My Major and Career Matches – major and career matches that are compatible with the student's general interests and personality type.

Access is available using the access code printed on the student's PSAT paper score report, and the tool can be utilized throughout high school. Using My College Quick-Start together with your child is a great way to introduce and guide your child through important aspects of the college-going process. Visit www.collegeboard.com/quickstart. If you have any questions concerning this test, please contact Mr. Kabakjian or Mrs. Leaman.

AP Testing

Any student who isn't currently enrolled in an AP class and wishes to take an AP exam, should see Mr. Kabakjian in the Guidance Office for more information and to register.

Summer opportunities for sophomores and juniors

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week -- This summer program for sophomores and juniors offers four, one-week sessions (July 1-7, July 8-14, July 22-28, July 29-Aug. 4, 2018) in which students explore careers in business on the campus of Lycoming College or Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. Students will work with Pennsylvania executives engaged in the fields of engineering, finance, law, technology, environmental protection, and politics. Non-refundable registration fee is $285. All accepted students will receive a full scholarship for the program valued at $1500. Go to pfew.org and stop in at the Guidance Office if you are interested. Students who participated in the PFEW program report this is an excellent opportunity for summer enrichment. Early Bird Application Deadline - March 2, 2018. Final Application Deadline - April 6, 2018.

Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship held at Lehigh University and Health Career Scholars Academy held at The University of Pittsburgh. Check out the websites for more information: www.hcsa.pitt.edu and https://global.lehigh.edu/iacocca/highschool . Application deadlines are February 15, 2018.

Information on additional summer enrichment opportunities is available in the Guidance Office.


Parents of seniors, it is time to start the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. You can find the information at www.fafsa.gov

Funding Higher Education

Beyond High School – www.studentaid.ed.gov/guide. This website gives comprehensive details about federal student aid programs.

Students with a disability
According to Clark in U.S. News 2010, there are 8 steps for a child with disabilities to use to prepare for college. Along with diligence, creativity, and resilience, the student should:

1. Prepare early by taking college prep classes

  • a.Study strategies
  • b.Test-taking
  • c.Time management

2.Have knowledge of technology

  • a.As simple as spell check to diction pens
  • b.Screen readers
  • c.Diction software

3. Be creative (If a student struggles with taking a foreign language, perhaps sign language could work.)

4.Take charge

  • a.Advocate for self
  • b.Be prepared to know what to ask for

5.Research college options

6.Formal documentation should be 3 years old or less – Plan ahead!

7.Focus on the positive

8.Consider extra help- this may be included in the college tuition or it may be an added cost.

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-Secondary Education: Know your Risks and Responsibilities: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/transition.html

Any sophomore or junior in learning support who has not been to the guidance office to request the paperwork for SAT accommodations should do so as soon as possible. The process with the College Board can take as long as eight to twelve weeks. Current educational testing is a requirement for the accommodation request to be approved. It is recommended that educational testing be no more than 3 years old for college services, as mentioned in #6 above.

North Montco Technical Career Center

If your student is interested in attending the North Montco Technical Career Center, you are encouraged to attend their Open House scheduled for Feb. 15, 2018. http://www.nmtcc.org/

Refer to the Dock Curriculum Guide to see if your school district is included and the careers offered. See your guidance counselor if you have interest in learning more about the Technical Career Center.

Read more about From the Guidance Office: January 2018

Purpose Beyond Academics

On the field, court and stage—these are the places where memories are made. At Dock, the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular opportunities are an essential component of the learning experience.


Play here. Excel here. Win here.


Follow your passion here.

The Arts

We celebrate creativity here!


Learn technology here.


Find your beat here.

Dock By The Numbers


of students receive financial aid or discounts

Aid can include direct support from Dock or assistance from churches


Percentage of graduates who attend college

Others take a gap year for service or enter the workforce


Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

Dock strives to develop a life-long love of learning—and our faculty lead the way.


Faculty to Student Ratio

Class sizes offer opportunities for quality teacher-student interaction and individual attention


countries represented

A global perspective is a strength of the Dock experience


churches represented

Dock serves many other denominations; less than half of our students are Mennonite


Percentage of students who participate in a co-curricular activity

From athletics to music to drama to robotics and more, students have rich opportunities beyond the classroom


Percentage of students annually who take and pass at least one AP Exam

Our faculty encourage students to stretch themselves to reach their full potential


Percentage of students participating in one or more sports

Student-athletes find excellent opportunities to participate in spor(s) they love, even as freshmen


Number of league championships claimed by Dock teams

The Bicentennial Athletic League provides strong competition from both public and private schools
We love our school! It has a Mennonite heart with solid, serious academics, beautiful families and children, and a superb high school.
Jenny Fujita, with daughters Pi'ikea (6th grade, right) and La'akea (10th grade)
My experience at Dock has been amazing. The opportunities provided here are great for helping you figure out what interests you most! I have participated in a wide range of activities—from ceramics to sports to student government. I am truly grateful for the ways Dock has allowed me to express who I am and discover my unique qualities.
Lindsey Bernd '18
When my daughter graduated from Dock she was totally prepared for college. The level of academics gave her a sense of achieving her goals, and her self-esteem soared. Homework was heavy, but if your child plans to go to college, he/she will be totally prepared. I found the teachers to be attentive to the students, and available to parents, even on short notice. We lived quite a distance from Dock, but with the level of academics and teacher-parent involvement, it was worth the commute and tuition.parent review on greatschools.org
We have two children at Dock's EC-Grade 8 campus. We have been very happy with our experience. The teachers are great! They care about the students, and the students can feel it; I believe this helps them succeed. Every child has a gift, and Dock allows that gift to grow; children are encouraged to find and nurture their gift. We feel blessed that our children can attend Dock Mennonite Academy.The O'Rourke's, EC-Grade 8 parents
I fell in love before I even stepped out of the car. I saw the wide open campus and thought it would be amazing to walk outside from class to class. The style of teaching is so different; hands-on and interactive, so students actually pay attention to what is being taught. I realized I could play soccer and create the art I was always interested in, and be completely devoted to both. I was sold—I made my decision to join the Dock Class of 2017.Mia Bevilacqua '17

"Teachers expressed genuine concern for each of our children through words and actions. They recognized the individual qualities, traits, and strengths of each child and focused on their spiritual, academic, social, and athletic qualities."

Jim and Suzanne Gunden, parents of Michael ('16) and Erica ('18)

Purpose That Inspires

We believe that school should inspire students—and parents. Our faculty create a challenging but supportive environment that makes students want to learn, but also provide a meaningful faith context for learning. That's what learning for lives of purpose is all about.

Beyond Dock: Lives of Purpose

Investment in a Dock education begins yielding a return almost immediately, as graduates place a high value on their high school experience and discover they are exceptionally well-prepared for college. Yet the dividends continue to grow for a lifetime.

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